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£3.95 ISSUE 81 JUN/JUL 2012 



of Tattoo 

From black'n grey 
to high colour 
high detail 
custom work. 
Feel welcome 
in our family 
run studio. 

57a Church St Silverdale 
Neweastle-under-Lyme, Staffs 

Call: 01782 619144 

N E I I t I I 

Supplies for Tattooists & Piercers 

• Needle Bars - 3 Round Liner (50) - £5-49 

5 Round Lmer (50) -£649 
7 Round Lmer (50) -£6.99 
• Needle Bars - 5 Round Shacler (50) - £5.97 
• Latex Non-Powdered Gloves - £3.81 

• Now slocking 
Mom's Millennium Inks 
New grips, tips and needle bars 
• Order online 24 hours a day! 

Tel: 01225 707188 Fax: 01225 707199 

EST. 2002 

^Xcnrr tjcll lot g 

laficd punk okaic mma 

I Qnott 666 fir 10% 0*E~1 

Sullen. Iir.nCLK. 

Iron Fist. 
*lnin* Qaffin. 
U* is h ha 


J r <nj 

Brixtti. guialloui* an6 

Actual Fain 



In this i s.suc . . . 


Back in Black 


Flower Power 


Blur the Technicolour 


Hands & Feet 




In the Sky 



Great British Tattoo Show 

Creature Feature 



Dark Arts 


Skool Daze 


Sleeves & Legs 


Editor's Choice 





On this 











We Bought a Zoo 
Wild & Wonderful 



hi • 1 1 

When you subscribe 
to Skin Shots, youll 
get a free copy of 
Tattoo Dynamite 
thrown into the 
deal. Only available 
while stocks last! 

Show your 
ink off! 


We are always 
looking* for Great 
Tattoos plus Superb 
Flash to put in Skin 
Shots International 
If you waait to 
send us your work 
(it will be seen by 
thousands!) for 
possible publication 
here's how to do it: 

We accept 
submissions by 
email or digital 
photos on a cd. 
(These must be at 
least 300 dpi in 
resolution and sized 
100mm by 150mm). 

Send your photo's 
to: Skin Shots 
Magazine 1 Marcher 
Court, Sealand Road, 
Chester, CHI 6BS UK 

Or email us: 

editor@skinshots .co . uk 

We do not accept 
computer printouts 
or negatives. 



Jazz Publishing, 1 Marcher Court, Sealand Road, Chester, CHl 6BS, UK T 01244 881888 F 01244 646016 E irifo^ 

Sion Smith E DESIGN Carly Rowe Ext. 201 E carly^ 3R Gaz Evans Ext. 204 

E >RC Justine Hart Ext. 235 E 

Emma McCrindle Ext. 207 E aceountsC^ ACCOUNTS Pam Coleman Ext, 215 E pamC«^ 

riON Jan Schofleld Ext. 219 E Katie-Marie Challinor Ext. 224 E 
CIRCULATION & PROMOTIONS Katy Cuffin Ext. 237 E EVENTS MANAGER Shelley Bond Ext. 303 
E sheUeyta' Wendy Marks Ext. 220 E wendy. mar ks(£jazzp 

ENQUIRIES James Marks Ext. 304 E SUBS & BACK ISSUES 01778 392035 E magazmes@jazzpublishin g\ eo . uk 
PUBLISHER David Gamble E o^vid^ MANAGING DIRECTOR Stuart Mears E 
PRINTING Warners Midlands pic DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Susan Saunders E T 0207 4294073 


Please contact our distribution company for your nearest outlet 0207 4294073. All letters sent to Skin Shots International will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and 
copyright purposes and as such are subject to edit and comment editorially. Please ensure that all photos and slides have credits attached. Please send copies not originals as we can no longer 
return any unsolicited photographs. No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited materials. The views expressed in this magazine by the contributors are not necessarily those of the 
publishers. While every effort is made in compiling Skin Shots International, the publishers cannot be held responsible for any effects therefrom. Reproduction of any matter contained in Skin 
Shots International is prohibited without prior permission. Adverts and advertisers appearing in SKIN DEEP or SKIN SHOTS INTERNATIONAL Magazines carry no implied recommendation 
from the magazines or from the publishers 

Follow us on or visit Wi 

Skin Shots International < 


Join the world famous online tattoo forum, today! 

Skin Sho 

www. uk 



i« Worl 

r * 

i J 


Skin Shots International 

www.skinshots .co . uk 

Skin Shots International 

Btur dhe jTgghnScol@ur, 

Shots International 

www. skinshots 


Bfiirdhe T^chrfcolQur, 

/\ Skin Shots International 


, Flying Juice Tattoo Studio 


Seven Sins 

Little Andy, Style 

Skin Shots International /) * — \ 



Skin Shots International 

Blur dhe iT^hnScolQun 

ots International /' ^ 

Skin Shots Internationa 

www. skinshots 

Scott Owen, Mantra Tattoo, Cheltenham 


Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 












Nico Pray, W Worlds 

Pooch, Al 

Jit : < 

Skin Shots International # 

www. skinshots . co . uk 



n Shots International 0% #J O V 



rnational *J \. 



Skin Shots International 



Skin Shots International 

A y| Skin Shots International 

r W 

A Q Skin Shots International 

w O www. skinshots 

Skin Shots International 



n Shots International JT 7 w f 

Alex Williamson, Apostle Tattoo, Hartlepool 

Skin Shots International 


££f\ Skin Shots International 


Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots . co . uk 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 


f 'yjf 


Skin Shots Inte 


i Shots International J? 

www.skinshots .co . uk W w 


42 XotKp Xonc, jlsfon. Sljcfficffc 526 

f rf: 07927 875233 
U lloD 3nftSurpm Bates 

Award mrlniing artists: Jon B, Carlie B & Luke 
Raylelih. Essex SS6 7ED T. 01268 772884 

Upuyycca rippa rd 

www.Qrowlandtjrandew: com 

10% off with codeCGSkinShots 


— Tattooing & Body Piercing 






80 Chester Road West. Shotton 
Deeside, North Wales CH5 1BZ 

01244 811147 

ww w.acesh 

Jack 6al|owtr€fi 

Amanda Ruby, Jewel 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 


Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 

Editor'® Choice 

Chris Ormond 

Skin Shots International ^ * I % 

§H Cofrk Tattoo, Cofckfar 


Skin Shots International 


KflStorjg Choice 







Skin Shots International f f 


Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 


Skin Shots 

mbby Tattoo. 


tdliuiuiiitiii * t * « | ■ ■ mfi* +*• • t * f * t 

4 * it * 4 ***** - | ■ . . ■ ■ 4 q 

4. * 

Raymond John 

son, Immortal Ink r 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 


Skin Shots International O * 

www. skinshots . co . uk O \ 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 


Skin Shots International 


Skin Shots International 

Skin Shots International O f O % 

f- LGCTRIC UiniflGf 









BATH . BA1 1EB . 01225 789911 



* • 


Skin Shots International 

Rose Price, Organic Element 


Iris. New Skin Touch, Knittelft 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 

1 03 

Skin Shots Internati 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots 

Photography: Wfckri Sexy Photography, Nick AtVdns Photography & Helena Wan 



31-23 April 301 g ' H 


Joseph Maye by Agat at 
Hammersmith Tattoo 

| -I /\ Skin Shots International 
i I W 

I Victoria Shearmen by Jesse \ 
Shearman at Recl9ine 

ytrT 7 \**>> 

Adie by Tbm Sugar at 
Alans Tkttoo Studio 

Andrew Gibson by Gliis 
Melou at No Limiy Tattoo 

Skin Shots International -I -I ■ 1 II 

^u y Havok by ^ O.houme at Subrosa, Norwl^j 




Skin Shots International 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 

1 1 3 

Alexis Schlaupitz by Badu Rusu 


I Fogg by Mat Lapping 

at Creative Vandals 



■ +* ■ ■ 

-I -I a I Skin Shots International 

1 1 


Chaz by Cris Gherman 




Danny by Aaron Tattoo UK 


Daniel Udell by Ivan Bor 
at Hammersmith T&ttoo 

^'M^bylian.C^atoa^E^ | 

— . . . _ -^-TJ 111 

i - 

Skin Shots International -I -I I II w 

Faye Ha wker by Julie Clark at Flaming Gun 


Skin Shots International 

at Electric Vintage 

Emma Bailey by Mark Bailey at Golden Dragon 

Emma Bailey by Mark Bailey at Golden Dragon 

Skin Shots International 

Gary by Pete Oz at 7 Star 

Idzikowskl by Maria Melou at No Limits 

Jay Rushbrook by Jon B at Narcissism 

■ ■ m m 



Skin Shots International 

j Joshua by Jack Bolg^r 
at Jackalope Tattoos 

Layla by Jan at Old London 
Road, Kingston Upon Thames 

Skin Shots International -I ■ I 

Skin Shots International 

Heather by Jay Hasting at 
Skinvasion, Nottingham 

| Karolis by Krizstan 
Zoltan at Dr Singer 

Paul Jackson by Mat j 
Lapping at Creative i Vandals J 

•I /) t\ Skin Shots International 

I — — 

Peter Hutchinson by Big 
Al at ATs Tattoo Studio 

Klarysa by Kami] 
at Kamil Tattoo 

Ruslan Moskin by Agat 
at Hammersmith Tattoo 

Skin Shots International 

www. skins hots . co . uk 


Kurt Wilson by Johnny 
Mesquita at Domus Tattoo 

Tbmas Ivanko by Pavol 
Dutko at PD Tattoo Studio 


Skin Shots International 

Daniel Sinnott by Chantale 
Coady at Electric Vintage^ 

Linda Sarke by Janis Inens 
at Hammersmith Tattoo 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 


Silvia Govczowska by 
Elena Di Legge atVenturo 



Aiyla Beau Lomax by Ben Boston 
atThe Tattoo Studio, Bristol 


- : 

Daniel Lewis by Ivan at 
Hammersmith Tattoo 

-I i\ Skill Shots International 

I _ W 

Simon Keller by Jah 
Connely at Ink Stand Out 

Susy by Paulo Amato at 
Old Mercenary Tattoo 

Skin Shots International 

www.skinshots .co. uk 


Mundini Barbara by 
Corongln Sebastian at 
Wilde Style Tfattoo. Italy 

Glen by Pete Oz at 7 Star Tattooing 

-I i\ t\ Skin Shots International 


Mario by Ivan Bor at 
Hammesinith Tattoo 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots . co . uk 


-1 Skin Shots International 

1 OO 

■I A Skin Shots International 

I rO www. 

Sk@ol Dazej 

Skin Shots Interna 

IgZ f\ Skin Shots International 
w w 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 


■I J? i\ Skin Shots International 


Skin Shots International 

www. s kinshots . co . uk 


Joe Carpenter, 


Skin Shots International 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 

1 57 

IgZ O Skin Shots International 


s< '») 


Skin Shots Internationa 

Skin Shots International 

www. skinsho t s 


Skin Shots International 

Skin Shots 

ttcAtsk M M and 9k 


Skin Shots International 

Alex Williamson, Apostle Tattoo, 


. : 


Skin Shots International 

www. skinshots .co . uk 

Skiii Shots International -I ^ 1 I 

Fade FX Tattoo 


Skin Shots International 

Skin Shots International -I O O I OO 

Skin Shots International 

Bespoke Tattoo Artist 

n t West Parade, Fcnton, 
SOT, Stalls. S r4 - 4jN. 

°7545 77533^ 

12 Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxon, 0X5 2BT 

01865 375085 



Studio attended 
The Great British 
Tattoo Show 2012 


••••••• ••••• 


Scotland • North West 
Northern Ireland North East 
Eire • Wales 

West Midlands 
East Midlands 
South West 

Channel Islands 
South East 


Skin Shots International Magazine's 'New Look' International Directory of 
Tattoo Studios, complete with tattoo and body art related companies. This is a 
comprehensive listing of the artists and traders that comprise the global tattoo 
community. Compiled in simple, easy-to-read regional sections, with each 
section being listed alphabetically, the directory is the perfect place to find all 
the information you need, whether you are looking for a studio 'down the road' 
or on the other side of the world'. 

The Skin Shots International directory is continually expanding and we are 
always looking for new studios and businesses around the globe to be included. 
If you are a Tattoo Studio or Tattoo and Body Art related company and would 
like to be included in the directory, contact James on 01244 881888 ext. 304. 
Or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages at: www.facebcok .com/skmshotsmagazme 
or www.twitter.cxjnVskindeepmagazine 

Ace Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Billy & Cameron 

130 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 2NS 

Tel: 0131 337 6733 
Ace Tattoo Studio - Edinburgh. 

Blancolo Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Kaska, Petar & Guest Artists 
39 Union Street, Glasgow G1 3RB 

Tel: 0141 221 4999 
Fax: 0141 221 4999 

Blancolo Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Lorraine & Guest Artists 
6 Woodside Walk, Hamilton ML3 7HY 
Tel: 01698 891212 

Blancolo Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Peanut & Guest Artists 
12-14 Hunter Street, East Kilbride G74 4LZ 
Tel: 01355 249200 

Body Art Tattooing & Piercing 

Tattoos by Ian & Paddy 

Piercings by Sharon 

5 Lome Arcade, Ayr, Ayrshire KA7 1QL 

Tel: 01292 290554 

Bushman Ink 

Tattoos by Jan, Daz and Kev 

Piercing by Geraldine 

Laser Removal available 

34c West Main Street, Whitburn EH47 OQX 

Tel: 07834 535665 

E Bushman Ink 

The studio specialises in custom work. 
We also have a large selection of body 
jewellery available. 

Chameleon Tattoos 

Tattoos by Leon, Lisa, Matt, Ferg & Lynn 
6b Glasgow Road, Paisley PA1 3QA 

Tel: 0141 889 8866 
Chameleon Tattoo 

Creation Tattoos 

Tattoos by Mark Stronge & Jimmy Scott 
58a Bruce Street, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 7AG 
Tel: 01383 622912 
G Creation Tattoo 



Crossroads Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Andy, Drew, Jamie & Siobhan 
153 Admiralty Road, Fife KY11 2BP 
Tel: 01383 420801 
E Crossroadstattoo Rosyth 

Dragonhead Tattoo (UK) 

Tattoos by Jan Craig & various artists 
Body Piercing & Dermal Implants by Nikki 
260 Portobello High Street 
Edinburgh EH15 2AT 
Tel: 0131 657 3831 
E Dragonheart Tattoo UK Ltd 
None laser removal available 
Open 7 days 

Flashpoint Tattoo 

Tattoos by Callum 
4Callendar Road, Falkirk FK1 1XQ 
Tel: 01324 610654 

Hue Tattoo 

Tattoos by Hue Nguyen, Eilidh & Van 
30 South Tay Street, Dundee 
Scotland DD1 1PD 
Twitter: @huearttattoo 
Open Mon-Sat. Custom work only 

Human Canvas 

Tattoos by Gerry Keirnan, Liam Black 
& Linzi Black 

141 Cumbernauld Road, Stepps 
Glasgow G33 6EY 
Tel: 0141 779 2999 

Infamous Ink Tattoos 

Tattoos by Dave Crossely & Darrel Mullen 
Body Piercing by John Swan 
5 Friars Street, Stirling FK81HA 

Tel: 01786 450491 
E Infamous Ink Tattoo's Stirling 
Custom tattoos & freehand work undertaken 
Appointment an walk-ins available 

Inkdependent Tattoo & Piercing 

Tattoos by Marcin Ptak & Marek Skalny 

Piercing by Pete Fedorko 

56 Dairy Road, Edinburgh EH11 2BA 

Tel: 0131 623 6565 

E Inkdependent Tattoo & Piercing Studio 


Joanna Woszak - tattoos and cosmetic 
tattooing (micropigmentation) 
91 George Street, Stranraer DG9 7JP 

Tel: 07427 162 261 
E Inksomnia Stranraer 

Inverness Tattoo Centre 

Tattoos & Piercing by Gary Valentine, 
Jason Lee, Kenny Howden, Shaun 
Doherty & Cat Young 
8 Connel Court, Ardconnel Street 
Inverness IV2 3EY 

Tel: 01463 711149 

E Inverness Tattoo Centre 

High Street Tattoo Studio 

25a High Street, Elgin IV301EE 

Tel: 01343 544919 

E Elgin High Street Tattoo Shop 

Kev's Ink House 

Tattoos by Kev 

Tattoo removal also available 

163 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen 

Aberdeenshire AB24 3QH 

Tel: 01224 277000 

Needleworks Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Fraser 

57-59 English Street, Dumfries DG1 2 DA 
Tel: 01387 264663 

Pagan Ink 

Tattoos by Ian, Stuart, Kerry & Sacha 

Piercing by Hayley & Gemma 

22 Maygate, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 7NH 

Tel: 01383 728931 

Rapport Tattoo 

Tattoos by James Devron-Veal 
118 King Street, Aberdeen 
Aberdeenshire AB24 5BB 

Tel: 079121 78404 
E Rapport Aberdeen 

Red Hot and Blue 

Tattoos by Paul Slifer, Ian McAlister, Jason 
Corbett (Mr. Zig Zag) 
1A Brougham Place, Tollcross 
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 9HW 

Tel: 0131 477 7753 
E redhotandbluetattoo 

Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Body 
Modifications Edinburgh 

Tattoos by award winning artist 

Grzegorz (MR.GREG) Kilch&Jarek 

(MR.RZYMSKI) Rzymski 

Piercing & body modifications by Voytek 


13 East Norton Place, (on London Road) 

Edinburgh EH7 SDR 

Tel: 0131 661 2100 

Find us on Facebook 

Open 7 days a week 10am-8pm 


Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Body 
Modifications Glasgow 

Tattoos by Peter Raduly &Joci Toth 

Piercing by Magda 

11 Watson Street (Gallowgate) 

Glasgow G1 5AF 

Tel: 0141 552 1640 

Find us on Facebook 

Open 7 days a week 

Both studios Open 7 days a week!!! 

Tattoos by Jamie 

Tattoos by Jamie Temple 

102 Levernside Road, Glasgow G53 5NH 

Tel: 0141 891 5300 

Tiki Monkey Tattoos 

Tattoos by Darren Millar & Noemi Srrentino 
Piercing by Noemi 

Apprentice Tattooist/Piercer Stu Young 
90 Dairy Road, Edinburgh EH211AX 

Tel: 0131 346 8857 

E Tiki Monkey Tattoo Edinburgh 

Laser Removal Available by Arrangement 

TJ's Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Tarn 

8 Fowlds Street, Kilmarnock 

Ayrshire KA1 3DG 

Tel: 01563 551599 
Mob: 07748 122569 
Appointments only 
Open 6 days 
Thursday till late 

Trev's House of Tattoos 

Tattoos by Trev 

67 Princess Street, Perth 

Perthshire PH2 8LJ 

Tel: 01738 561705 

Also check out 

Directory -| C^"j 

Belfast City Skinworks 

Tattoos by Tommy Gunn, Jim, Keith, Boli, 
Jamie, Gordie, George 'Jinx* 
Piercing by Donal & James 
Tommy Gunn's 
33a Queens Street 
Belfast BT1 6EA 

Tel: 0289 032 9146 
Tattoo Lounge (ground floor) now open 

Dark Angel Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Crush & Krayola 
58 Wellington Place 
Belfast BT1 6GF 

Tel: 0289 022 0750 
E Dark Angel Tattoo Studio 

Jack's Tattoos 

Tattoos by John 

82 Church Street, Portadown 

County Armagh BT62 3EU 

Tel: 0283 839 8790 

E Jackstattoos Portadown 

Joker Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Joe 
Marquis Building 
91 Adelaide Street 
Belfast BT2 8FE 
Mobile: 07532 247741 
E Joker Tattoo Studio 

58a Castle Street, Ballycastle BT54 6AR 
Mobile: 07803 628967 

Pushing Ink 

Tattoos & Piercing by Robert Stewart & Barry 
5 North Street 
Carrickfergus BT38 7AQ 

Tel: 0289 335 5063 
E Pushing Ink Tattoos 

Tribal Markings 

Tattoos by Dirt (Michael Carlin) 

38 Carlisle Road 


County Derry BT48 6JW 

Tel: 0287 136 0134 
E Tribal Markings 

Atattooed Tattoo Studio 

Tattooing by Badger 
34 Main Street, Bray 
County Wicklow, Ireland 
Tel: 00353 1204 2470 
E Atattooed Ireland 

JMD's Body Art 

Tattoos by Joe & Ian Piercing Shell 
57 O'Connell Street, Waterford City, Eire 
Tel: 00353 (0) 51857757 
E JMD's Body Art 

Nine Lives 

Tattoos by Anna O'Donnell & Darren 
Piercing by Anna. Lasering now available 
90b Main Street (Above Spencer's Bookmakers) 
Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland 
Tel: 00353 1276 1592 
E Nine-Lives-Tattoo-Shop 


Tattoos by Robert, Erin, Denise & Sean 

Piercing by Rob & Steve 

54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Ireland 

Tel: 00353 (1) 874 0011 

Tattoo Zoo 

Tattoos by Jay Jay, Feargal & Con 
Piercing by Noel 

96 South Main Street, Cork, Ireland 

Tel: 00353 2142 71243 

E Tattoo Zoo, Cork, Ireland 

Wildcat Ink 

Tattoos by Kris, Brian, Tiago & Serena 

Membefs of 

Level 3, Stephen's Green Centre 

Dublin 2, Eire 

Tel/Fax: 00353 1478 4273 

Twitter @wildcatink 

E Wildcat Ink 


Wildcat Ink 

Tattoos by Woyt, Attila, Stefan & Wagner 
1 Jervis Street, Dublin 1, Eire 
Tel/Fax: 00353 18780551 
Twitter @wildcatink 
E Wildcat Ink 

Tribal Body Art 

Tattoos by Matt Curtis & Robert Fraser 
Piercing by Sarah Fleming & Jared Sanders 
Bespoke Jewellery by Jared Sanders 
248 The Canongate 
Edinburgh EH8 8AA 
Tel: 0131 558 9019 
E Tribal Body Art Ltd 

Tribe 1 

Morag Sangster tAA (Fine Art) Rob Vroomen 
Piercing by George Greenhill 
47 West Nicolson Street 
Edinburgh EH8 9DB 

Tel: 01316 227220 

Freephone: 0800 0197 556 

Tribe 2 

Morag Sangster M.A. (Fine Art) 
Guest Artists Simon Farmer, Erik Grieve, 
Alex Rattray & Tim Sandys 
Piercing by Mark 

Laser Tattoo Removal by Roz Collins 
1 Bank Street 

(Corner of Great Western Road) 
Glasgow G12 8JQ 

Tel: 0141 337 1940 

Freephone: 0800 0197 556 

Tribe 3 

Morag Sangster M.A. (Fine Art) 
Erik Grieve & Alex Rattray 
Laser Tattoo Removal by Roz Collins 
80 Broughton Street 
Opposite The Cask and Barrel 
Edinburgh EH3 6LX 
Tel: 0131 622 4554 
Freephone: 0800 0197 556 

Utopia Ink 

Tattoos by Andy & Mik 
Piercing by Andy 
10a The Mall, Craigshi 

West Lothian EH54 5DZ 
Tel: 07950 785241 
Utopia Ink 

Northern Ireland 

Artistic Tattoo 

Tattooing by Pete Bonner 
205 Woodstock Road 

Northern Ireland BT6 8PQ 
Tel: 0289 045 9575 



North West 

21st Century Tattoo 

Tattooing by Sween, Scott & Todd 
Piercing by Vicky 
1-5 Cheetham Street, Rochdale 
Lancashire 0L16 1RQ 

Tel: 01706 644407 

All Style Tattoos 

Tattoos by Dave the Buddha 

Studio Apprentice ■ G 

Shop Manager - Kim 

28 Crellin Street, Barrow in Furness 

Cumbria LA14 1DU 

Tel: 01229 838946 

E All Style Tattoos 

Open Tues-Friday 10:30am-6pm 

Appointment only 

Saturday 10:30am-6pm Walk-ins 

Art v soul 

Tattoos by Jammo & Robert Zyla 

802 Hyde Road, Manchester M18 7JD 

Tel: 016122 35968 

13 Art 'n' Soul Tattoo Studio Manchester 

Artistic Tattooing 

Tattoos by Steve & Kat 

Piercing by Steve & Kat 

91 Nantwich Road, Crewe CW2 6AW 

Tel: 01270 585767 


E Art Istic Tattooing 

Bananas Tattoo 

Tattoos by Dan and Olga Banas 
38 Church Road, Fornby L37 3NF 
Tel: 01704 877062 
Mob: 07842 846996 
E Bananas Tattoo 

Batley Body Art Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Mick Flynn 

125 Commercial Street, Carlinghow 

Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 5DQ 

Tel: 07773 139541 

E Mick Flynn (Batley Bodyart) 

Blood, Sweat & Tattoos 

Tattoos by Dicky 

1st Floor, 1 Richmond's Court 

Colne, Lancashire BB8 9HR 

Tel: 01282 862600 

Blue Blood Tattoo 

Tattoos by Matt Cooley & Miss Polly 
4 Carloon Road, Manchester M23 OBS 

Tel: 0161 9981220 
E Blue Blood 

All custom studio, specialising in Western 
Traditional and cups of tea 

Border Rose Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos By Rob Ratcliffe 

109 Church Street, Littleborough 

Lancashire 0L1 5 8AA 

Tel: 07880 935828 
E Border Rose-Tattoo Studio 

Candy Skull Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Sott Dixon, Kel Reeves & Sam Janbi 
Piercing & Laser Removal available 
439 Chorley Road, Swinton 
Manchester M27 9LQ 
Tel: 07591 235 985 
E Candy Skull Tattoo Studio 

Eagles Wing Tattoo Studio 

Tattooing by Benj & Gavin 
Laser Removal now available 
29 Mincing Lane, Blackburn BB2 2AD 
Tel: 01254 697 341 
E Eagles Wing 

Envie Ink 

Tattoos by Scott Home 

9 Huntley Street, Great Sankey 

Warrington WA51EQ 

Tel: 01925 411 123 

Mob: 07772 066118 

E Envie Ink 

Everlast Ink 

Tattoos by Graham, Lou & Mills 
Piercing by Lou 

310b Station Road, Bamber Bridge 
Preston, Lancashire PR5 6EH 
Tel: 01772 311366 
E Everlast Ink 

Fantasy Tat2 & Body Piercing 

Tattoos by Lisa Clark & Danny Inkstain Birtwistle 

Piercing Jess 

119 Albert Road, Colne 

Lancashire BB8 OBT 

Tel: 01282 867 329 
Mob: 07809 385256 
E Fantasy tat2 and body piercing 

Fire & Ice Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Shazz & ChrisPiercing by Rik 
67 Higher Market Street, Farnworth 
Bolton, Lancashire BL4 8HQ 

Tel: 01204 794900 
E Fire and Ice Tattoo Studio 

Hello Sailor 

Tattoos by Kat Fink & Chelsea 

28b King Street, Blackpool 

Lancashire FY1 3DL 

Tel: 01253 752032 

A female run tattoo studio 

Infinite Tattoos 

Tattoos by Jan Galliano 

7 Dale Street (Back of Geezers Barbers) 

Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1AB 

Tel: 07970 046919 
E Infinite Tattoos 

Killer Arts Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Steven Kilcoyne 
19 Hexthorpe Road, Hexthorpe 
Doncaster DN4 OAS 

Tel: 07565 118252 
E Steven Killerarts 

Limited Edition 

Tattoos by Luke & Pippa 

Regular Guest Spots 

Piercing & Laser Removal by Beth 

37-38 High Street, Doncaster DN1 1DL 

Tel: 01302 325 861 

E Limited Edition 

Monsters ink 

Tattoos by Victoria Pace 

9b King Street, Lancaster LAI 1JN 

Tel: 01524 843705 
E Monsters-Ink Lancaster 

Mr Mik's Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

111 Middlewich Road 
Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7BY 
Tel: 01606 350792 
E Mik Clark (Mrmiks) 

Naughty Needles 

Tattooing by Paul Owen 

364 Halliwell Road, Bolton BL1 8AP 

Tel: 01204 493529 

Directory -I Qn I vO 

Pins & Needles 

Tattoos by Oli Smith & Matty Rhodes 
154 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne 
Greater Manchester OL79AN 
Tel: 07858 080 999 
E Pinsandneedles Ashton 

Rob's Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Rob Doubtfire 

20b Lansdowne Place (Off Morley Street} 

Bradford BD5 OBN 

Tel: 01274 726902 

Royal Owl Custom Tattoo 

Tattoo by Ryan Davies 
Piercing by Liam Hamilton 
50 Hospital Street, Nantwich 
Cheshire CW5 5RP 

Tel: 01270 620002 

Mob: 07884 132119 

E Royal Owltattoo 

Top end Custom work only 

Sacred Art 

Tattoos by Mark Armstrong, Sandy, 
Olivia & Garry 

483a Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton 
Manchester M21 8AG 
Tel: 0161 881 1530 
E Sacred-Art-Tattoo-Manchester 

Sacred Arts 

Tattoos by Daz 
Piercing byjenna 
59 Chester Road, Castle 
Northwich, Cheshire CW81HG 

Tel: 01 606 74477 
E Sacred Arts Cheshire 

Skin Creations 

Tattoos by Rob & Simon Heywood 
25-27 Sunderland Street 
Macclesfield SK11 6JL 

Tel: 01625 502748 

Skinshokz Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Roy & Paul Priestley, 
Tony Burdin & Holly Large 
11 Townqate, Wyke, Bradford 
West Yorkshire BD12 9PA 

Tel: 01274 676914 
E Skinshokz 

Spike's H.Q. Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Spike (Mark Shard) 

6 Wigan Road, Ashton-ln-Makerfield WN4 9BJ 

Tel: 01942 203142 

Stef's Custom Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Stef, Mike & Bez 

Piercing by Mike & John 

Laser Removal available 

110 Newport Street, Bolton BL3 6AB 

Tel: 01204 364051 
Mob: 07860 961510 

E Stefs Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 


Tattoos by Steve Tat 2 Ltd 
Est. 1975 

12-16 Corporation Street, Preston 
Lancashire PR1 2UP 
Tel: 01772 556785 
Tattooing done the right way 

The Bolton Tat Shop 

Tattoos by Gaz, Matt & Alex 
Piercings by Phil 
72-74 Newport Street, Bolton 
Lancashire BL1 1PB 

Tel: 01204 388377 
E The Bolton Tat Shop 

The Dragons Den 

Tattoos by Michael Robert Cunliffe & 
Przemek Malachowski 
261 The Promenade 
(Near The Manchester Pub) 
Blackpool FY1 6AH 
Tel: 07976 402949 tattoostudio 

53 Albert Road, Blackpool FY1 4PW 
Tel: 01253 753300 

The Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Duncan & Matty 
81 Euston Road, Morecambe 
Lancashire LA4 5JY 
Tel: 01524 401411 

True Colours 

Tattoos by Richard Laurence, Alex Wright, 
Anthony Noble & Norby Kovacs 
Piercing by Richard Laurence 
14 Guildhall Street 
Preston, Lancashire PR1 3NU 
Tel: 01772 378565 
Open 7 days. Appointments & walk-ins. 
Custom work a speciality. 
Over 20 years experience. 

Twisted Vision 

Tattoos by Ash 

1 Arundel Street, Mossley 

Lancashire 0L5 ONY 

Tel: 07900 612786 

E Twisted Vision Tattoo Studio 

Vida Loca Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Dan Watson, Dee Buchanan, 

Adam Pekr 

Piercing by Zoe Taylor 

Laser Removal by Paul McCarthy 

22 Bridge Street, Bolton BL1 2EA 

Tel: 01204 525743 

@vidalocatattoos (Twitter) 

Wicked Tat2's 

Tattoos by Les Taylor 

Cosmetic Tattoos by Laura 

Piercing & Laser Removal by Laura & Glyn 

40 Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham 0L2 7SA 

Tel: 01706 291255 

North East 
& Yorkshire 

2001 AD Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Vee Keegan Ears & Nose 
Piercing available 
348 York Road, Leeds 
West Yorkshire LS9 9DN 

Tel: 0113 240 3412 
C 2001 AD Tattoo Studio 

ABH Tattooing 

Tattoos by Pam, Jon J & Rose 
Piercing by Pam & Rose 
70 Mary Street, Scunthorpe DN15 6LB 
Tel: 01724 856689 
Laser Removal, Charity Tattoos for Help 
the Hero's, Custom Artwork 

Ace Art Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Carl Bradley & Phillip Beasley 
75 Domestic Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9NT 

Tel: 01132 458806 
Mob: 07729 191760 

Apostle Tattoo 

Tattoos by Alex Williamson 

121 Stockton Road, Hartlepool TS25 15J 

Tel: 01429 599255 
Mob: 07580 662630 
E Apostle TattooStudio 

Art For Eternity Tattooing Ltd 

Tattoos by Mark & Julie 

Piercing by Mark 

Henna Art by Julie 

222 York Road, Hartlepool TS26 9EB 

Tel: 01429 864025 

Mark Mobile: 07971 594035 

Julie Mobile: 07914 957940 

Members of the BTAF 

Art Fusion 13 

Tattoos by Lisa & Billy 

Piercing by Daz 

2 Beckett Road, Wheatley 

Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN2 4AA 

Tel: 01302 369199 

E Art Fusion 13 Tattoo Studio 

Arthurt T Sharpes 

Tattoos by Dan Lake, Matt Adamson, 
Euan Thompson & Rod Fielder 
192A Heaton Road, Heaton 
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 5HP 

Tel: 0191 2650444 
E Arthur T Sharpes 

Body Arts 

Tattoos by Dave, Jonny A, Paul Cardine & Rob 
Piercing by Diane (Angel Piercing) 
Tattoo Removal now available 
29 Market Place, Doncaster 
South Yorkshire DN1 1NE 

Tel: 01302 365170 

Look out for us on Facebook 

Safe Friendly & Fun 


Tattoos byjustyna Obwoiska 

17a Barnsley Road, South Elmsall WF9 2RN 

Tel: 07783 535919 
E Justyna Obwojska Derej 

Couleys Tattoos 

Tattoos by Martin Couley 
18 The Crescent, Dunston 
Gateshead NE11 9SJ 
Tel: 0191 4608818 
E Couleys Dunston 


Tattoos by Mark, Jimmy 

373 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough 

Cleveland TS5 6AB 

Tel: 01642 850333 

E dermagrafix tattoo shop 

Dragon Tears Tattoo 

Tattoos by Helen & Sean 

Piercing/Micro-Dermal Anchors & Laser 

Removal available 

Unit 6, 47 Bethel Street, Brighouse 

West Yorkshire HD6 1JR 

Tel: 01484 401004 

E Dragon Tears Tattoo Studio 

Dragonart Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Slogger 

Piercing by Nikki 

26 Gainsborough Road, Scotter 

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 3UB 

Tel: 01724 763666 
Mob: 07857 220018 
E Greg Slogger Slocombe 
Specialising in portraits & realism 
Appointments only 

Elixir Tattoos 

Tattoos by Mel Blythe & Beth Rivers 
100% Bespoke Tattoos 
56 Frederick Street, Sunderland 
Tyne and Wear SR1 1NF 

Tel: 0191 5144788 

Enchanted Arts Tattoo 

Tattoos by Traci Wilson & Craig Wright 
1st Floor, 16-18 Chaloner Street 
Guisborough, Cleveland TS10 2BE 

Tel: 07815 756594 
E Enchanted-Arts-Tattoo 

Fat Panda Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Alex Bage 

63 Fore Bondgate, Bishop Auckland 

County Durham DL14 7PE 

Tel: 01388 606933 
E Fat Panda Tattoo Studio 

Fun House Tattoos 

Tattoos by Nigel Kurt & Jo Pink 

140 Sheffield Road, Barnsley 

South Yorkshire 

Tel: 01226 779595 

E Funhouse Tattoos 

Garghoyle Tattoos 

Tattoos by Bob Hoyle, Emma 
The Old Fire Station Building 
Elisabeth Street, Elland 
West Yorkshire HX5 OJH 

Gary's Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Gary Cooper 
First Floor Cotta House, Cotta Court 
Hallgate, Cottingham HU161WW 
Tel: 07947 717076 
E Gary Tattoo Artist 

Grin 'N' Ink 

Tattoos by Sally Wood 

Piercing available 

5a Worksop Road, Swallownest 

Sheffield S26 4WA 

Tel: 07530 579819 
E Sally GrinNink Moo 

Hype Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

15 High Bridge, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 

Tyne & Wear NE1 1EW 

Tel: 0191 221 0111 


Hype Tatt 2 

Tattoos by Lee Donald, Steven 
Callahan & Paul Heatley 
24a Nun Street 

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE1 5AQ 

Tel: 0191 221 1195 


Identity Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Jan Moat & Daniel Phillips 

Piercing by Dave & Louise 

10 Manor Street, Bridlington 

East Yorkshire Y015 2SA 

Tel: 07866 875258 

E Identity Tattoo Studio,Bridlington 

Ink Surgery Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos "by Rob Bates 

42 Lodge Lane, Aston, Sheffield S26 2BP 

Tel: 079278 75233 

E Rob InkSurgeon Bates 

Directory "I *T B 


Tattooing by Fish & Ben 
36 Church Street, Shildon 
County Durham DL41DX 
Tel: 01388 778585 

Inkhouse Tattoos & Body Piercing 

Tattoos by Jamie and Alan 

Laser Removal & Piercing available 

129 Cross Gates Road, Leeds LS15 7PB 

Tel: 0113 264 9987 

Inky's Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattooing by Darren & Richard 

Piercing by Darren 

30a Water Street, Skipton 

North Yorkshire BD23 1PB 

Tel: 01756 709696 

Insane Inc 

Tattoos by Mark 'Chips' Ferry 
23 West Road, Annfield Plain 
Stanley, County Durham DH9 7XA 
Tel: 01027 290033 
Twitter @insaneinctattoo 
E Insane Inc Tattoo Studio 

Inspirations Tattoos 

Tattoos by Matt Hart, Neil Dransfield, Rich 

Wells, Craig Wilson, Mitch Allenden & Alicia 

Rafferty (apprentice) 

First Floor Offices, Ackroyd Street 

Morley LS27 8PZ 

Tel: 01132 525111 

E Inspirations Tattoo Studio, Morley, Leeds 


Inspirations Tattoos 

7A the Crescent, Hyde Park 
Leeds LS6 2NW 

Tel: 0113 2741166 

Facebook: Inspirations Tattoo Hyde Park 

jj's Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by James Laidlow 
Piercing by Julie Laidlow 
Laser Removal by Toni Hodgson 
Unit 25 Blaydon Business Park 
Tundry Way, Blaydon-on-Tyne 
Tyne & Wear NE21 5SJ 

Tel: 0191 4145331 
E jjstattoostudio 

K2 Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Anth 

36 Saturday Market, Beverly Town Center 

Beverly HU17 9NJ 

Tel: 07737 331383 


K2 Tattoo Richmond 

Chris & Colleen, 8b New Biggin 
Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4DT 
Tel: 07733 356695 

Northside Tattooz 

Tattoos by Alan 'Low' Lowther 

25 Station Road, Whitley Bay NE26 2QY 

Tel: 0191 297 1327 

Northside Tattooz 

2 The Basement, Clarendon House 
Bewick Street 

Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 5EF 

Tel: 0191 221 0328 

Paradise Tattoos fir Body Art Studio Ltd 

Tattoos by Gabor Horvath & Zoltan Czibor 

Piercing by Steve 

1 Russell Street, Halifax HX1 1RL 

Tel: 01422 300920 

Rude Studios Tattoo & Body Piercing 

Tattoos by Lee 'Rude Boy' Reynolds, Linz Steger- 
Cavanagh, Colin Green & Michael Gibson 
Piercing & Body Modification by Sam Myers 
13b North Lane, Headingley 
Leeds LS6 3HG 
Tel: 0113 318 0451 
Mobile: 07958 061387 

Sacred Skin Custom Tattoo 

Tattoos by Kevin Carlin, Kevin Richardson, 
Craig Magee & Lee Denham 
13 East Laithgate, Doncaster 
South Yorkshire DN1 1JG 

Tel: 01302 361772 

E Sacred Skin Tattoo Studio Doncaster 

Second 2 None 

Tattoos by Simon Grayson 

25a dough Road, Masbrough 

Rotherham, South Yorkshire S61 1RE 

Tel: 01709 380069 

Mob: 07879 268745 

Snakes 'N' Daggers 

Tattoos by Mark Yates, Tezz XIII 
& Keith Rumbles 
2 St. Johns Court, Otley Road 
West Yorkshire BD17 7JT 

Tel: 01274 598 004 
E Snakes 'n' Daggers 
Open Tues-Sat 10am-5pm 

Spenny Ink 

Tattoos by J Harland 

30 Whitworth Terrace, Spennymoor 

County Durham DL16 7LE 

Tel: 07824 905936 

Stinging Kiss Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by David Morrison 

Piercing by Nicole Dunn 

6b Taylor Street, Consett 

Co. Durham DH8 5RQ 

Tel: 01207 500599 

D Stinging Kiss StudioTwitter@stingingkiss 

Sunderland Body Art 

Tattoos by Lee 
Piercing by Charlie & Paula 
Laser Removal available 
1st & 2nd Floors, 20 Holmside 
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR1 3JE 

Tel: 0191 565 6595 
E Sunderland Body Art 

Tattau Tef 

Tattoos by Sean 
1 Muglet Lane, Maltby 
Rotherham, South Yorkshire S66 7NA 

Tel: 01709 813061 

Tattoo Mania 

Tattoos by Phil York 

522 Durham Road, Low Fell 

Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE9 6HU 

Tel: 0191 4875737 
E tattoomaniagateshead 

Tattu Madness 

Tattoos by Mark & Kelly 
6 Main Street, Ferryhill 
County Durham DL17 8LA 
Tel: 01740 653378 
Mob: 07762 749392 (Mark) 
Mob: 07742 406166 (Kelly) 
E Tattu Madness 



www. skinshots -co . uk 

Tenacious Tattoo 

Tattoos by Deryn Stephenson & Tom Ruki 
677 Staniforth Road, Darnall, Sheffield S9 4RE 

Tel: 0114 243 5831 
Tenacious Tattoo 


The Country Gent 

Tattoos by Simon Caves 
28 Wildspur Mills, Holmfirth 
Huddersfield HD9 7BA 
Tel: 01484 682652 
Mob: 07540 756895 

The Tattoo Station 

Tattooing by Shaun Martin 

1 Broadwood Road, Denton Burn 


Tyne & Wear NE15 7SX 

Tel: 0191 274 4414 


Tat2 Station 

Tattooing by Ken Patten, Kate Shaw 
& Kev Totton 

Tattoo Removal by Steve Tierney 
Cosmetic Tattooing by Lou Tierney 
20 Ridley Place (just off Northumberland 
Street), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE1 8JN 

Tel: 0191 232 8491 

The Tattoo Zone 

Tattoos by John 

213 High Street East, Wallsend 
Tyne & Wear NE28 7RS 

Tel: 0191 262 5255 
John Tattoozone 


Tattooing by Kev Close 
Piercing by Lindsay Close 
13 Station Square, Whitby 
North Yorkshire Y021 1DU 
Tel: 01947 603366 
Turveys Tatts 

Viking Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Chris Wright, Lee Wright & Vic 
67a Ellison Street, Jarrow 
South Tyneside NE32 3JU 

Tel: 0191 420 1977 

E Viking Tattoo Jarrow 

Award Winning Studio. All styles of 

Tattooing available 

Wild Style Tattoo 

Tattoo, Body Piercing & Laser Removal 
by James Mellor 
17 Castlegate, Knaresborough 
Harrogate HG5 8AR 

Tel: 01423 869 660 
Melcoolio Mellor 

Wishful Inkin 

Tattoos by Paul Egan 
Piercing & tattoo removal by Elaine 
26 Murray Street, Hartlepool 
Cleveland TS26 8PG 

Tel: 01429 283 755 
Wishful Inkin 

Ye Olde Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Kev Turner & Jordon Reay 
Unit 74 Market Square 
Durham City DH1 3NJ 
Tel: 0191 384 9110 
E Ye Oldetattoo Durham 


Abracadabra Tattoo 

Tattooing by Dave Fleet, Maria Fleet, 
Whisky & Graham 
Piercing by Maria & Joy 
99 Cefn Fforest Avenue 
Blackwood, Gwent NP12 3JX 

Tel: 01443 837410 

Absalut Ink Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Hefin Hughes 
65 Station Road, Deganwy 
Conway LL31 9DF 

Tel: 01492 596900 
Absalut Ink Tattoo Parlour 

Aces High Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos & Piercing by Charlie Jones 
& Kiran Parmar 

80 Chester Road West, Shotton 
Deeside, Flintshire CH51BZ 

Tel: 01244 811147 
E Aces High Tattoo Studio 

Bridgend Tattoo Studios 

Tattoos by Darren (Nipper) Williams 

& Chris Harrison 

Piercing by Ricki Duncan 

102 Nolton Street, Bridgend CF31 3BP 

Tel: 01656 668644 
□ bridgendtattoostudio 
E Bridgend Tattoo Studio 

Chameleon Tattoo 

Tattoos by Lee Clements 
Piercing by Josh 
14a Broad Street Parade 
Barry, South Glamorgan 

Tel: 01446 749356 

El Diablo Tattoos 

Tattoos by Rob Williams 

6 Penrallt Court, Machynlleth SY20 8AJ 

Tel: 01654 700099 
Rob Tattooer Williams 

Forever Art 

Tattoos by Trash & Toodles 
101 Main Street, Pembroke 
Pembrokeshire SA71 4DB 

Tel: 01646 684503 

Ginty's Tattooland UK 

Tattoos Ginty & Jason 
60 Pisgah Street, Kenfig 
Mid Glamorgan CF33 6BU 
Tel: 01656 749 846 
Ginty Tattoolanduk 

Inked Up 

Tattoos by Gareth 
334 Cowbridge Road East 
Cardiff CF51HD 
Tel: 0292 037 1144 
Inked Up 

Jinked Tattoo 

Tattoos by on-Paul Birch, John Birch, Lee Jones 
Piercing Rhys Jones 
5 Lias Road, Porthcawl CF36 3AH 
Tel: 07868 487557 
E Jinked Tattoos 

Directory -| 

jinx Inx 

Tattoos by Jinxie Jinx 
2 Maendy Square Shops 
West Pontnewydd 
Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 1HN 

Tel: 0163 3549097 
07543 578526 
G Jinxie Jinx 

Living Colour 

Tattoos by Bryn & Rob 
Piercing by Bryn 
2 Chapel Street, Pontnewydd 
Cwmbran, Torfaen NP44 1DW 

Tel: 01633 867676 
Myspace @ Living Colour Tattoo 
Living Colour Tattoo 

Moko Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Gary Jones & Ez 
39a Angus Street 

CF24 3LW 

Tel: 07541747790 
Needle Asylum 

Tattoos by Simon AshleyAdvanced piercing 
& Dermal anchors also by Simon 
24 High Street Arcade 


Tel: 07785 101301 

Tel: 07540 698530 
Needle Asylum 

Nu Rose Tattoo 

Tattoos by BrimPiercing by Mikey 
7 Clive Street, Caerphilly CF83 1GE 

Tel: 0292 132 8077 
E Nu Rose Tattoos 

Physical Graffiti 

Tattoos by Chris Hatton, Chris Fuckin' 
Jones, Sam Fisher, Natasha Pollendine 
& Aime' Cornwell 
Piercing by Dan Walters 
Laser Tattoo Removal available 
124 City Road, Cardiff CF24 3DQ 

Tel: 0292 048 1428 
Physical Graffiti 

Pleasure or Pain Productions 

Tattoos by Shaun & Leigh 
26 Cardiff Street, Aberdare 
Mid Glamorgan CF44 7DP 
Tel: 01685 875252 
E Pleasure or Pain Productions 
Tattoos & body piercing 

Pretty Hot & Tattoo'd 

Tattoos, Removals & Piercings 
by Nicola, Rob & Ryan 
Unit 2 32/34 Penybont Road, Pencoed 
Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan CF35 5RA 

Tel: 01656 858967 

Psycho Tattoos 

Tattoos & Piercing by Paul Campio 
105 Foryd Road, Kinmel Bay 
Conway LL18 5LU 

Tel: 01745 344898 
Psycho Tattoo 

Redskin Tattoo 

Tattoos & Piercing by Nev & Michelle Williams 
55 High Street, Porthmadog 
Gwynedd LL49 9LR 
Tel: 01766 514550 

Redskin Tattoo 2 

Tattoos by Nev & Ant 
Piercing Michelle Williams 
224 High Street, Bangor, Gwynedd 

Tel: 01248 355007 

Rock fir Roller Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Kristian Richards & Liz Buckland 
Unit 1, Wesley Buildings, Newport Road 
Caldicot NP26 4LY 
Tel: 01291 408183 
Specialising in custom design, realism & portrait 
Open 6 days (Wed&Thurs till late) 
Appointment only 

Skin Creation 

Tattoos by John Treharne 
132 Broadway, Roath, Cardiff CF24 1NL 

Tel: 0292 049 4804 

SOTA Custom Tattoo 

Tattoos by Matt Faulkner 
1 Bank House, East Street 
Llantwit Major CF61 1XY 

Tel: 01446 795785 
D SOTA Tattoo Co 

State Of Art 

Tattoos by Ami Williams, 
Jack Lewis & Becky Lowe. 
Piercing by Jeff Lang 
11a St Helens Road, Swansea 
Wales SA1 4AW 
Tel: 01792 469009 
E STATE OF ART Tattoo and Piercing Emporium 
Late night openings, free recolours 
and consultations 

Swansea Tattoo Company 

Tattoos by Lee Hadfield, Bradley Tompkins, 
Kieran Palmer, Ami Williams & Steve Jenkins 
Piercing by Cazz Jones 
6 & 8 Picton Arcade, Swansea SA1 3BE 
Tel: 01792 476500 
E Swansea Tattoo Co. 
Tattoo Laser Removal available 

Tattoos by Danny 

Tattoos by Daniel Nowell 
29 High Street, Bangor LL571NP 

Tel: 01248 351951 
Open Tues - Sat. ppointments only 

The Tattoo Shop 

Tattooing by Sean 
14 Beaufort Square, Chepstow 
Monmouthshire NP16 5EP 

Tel: 01291 628620 

Timelord Tattoo & Body Piercing 

Tattoos by Gavin & Lorna 
Piercing by Stace 
4 Severn Street, Newtown 
Powys SY16 2AQ 
Tel: 01686 625770 
Lazer Removal now available 

Tribal Child Ltd 

Tattoos by Dave & Wendy Eyeions 
21a Mostyn Street, Llandudno 
North Wales LL30 2NL 
Tel: 01492 879488 
Tribal Child Ltd 

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Simon 
Piercing & Branding also by Simon 
Aberaeron Craft Centre 
Unit 14 Pengarreg Clos, Aberaeron 
Ceredigion SA46 ODX 
Tel: 01545 571140 
fl Tribal Dragon tattoo studio 



www. skinshots -co . uk 

Wrexham Ink 

Tattooing by Jerry Kells, Baby Jane, 
Carl 'Diablo' Roberts, Nick Green, 
Chris Nightmare & Princess 
Piercing by Liam Green, Delyth Green 
& Tom Wilshaw 
51A Chester Street, Wrexham 
North Wales LL13 8BA 
Tel: 01978 290876 
D Wrexham Ink 

X-Angelus Studios 

Tattoos by Jase Jones & Nick Jones 
9 Great Oak Street, Llanidloes 
Powys SY18 6BU 
Tel: 01686 413983 
Mobile: 07766 545888 

2 Guns Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Kevin, Ian, Shaun &Apprentice 
RobynPiercing by Charlie 
2 Church Street, Darlaston 
West Midlands WS10 8DU 

Tel: 0121 526 6615 

A Splash Of Ink 

Tattoos by Darren Crathorne, Carl Crathorne 
& Liam Crathorne 

Piercing by Darren Crathorne & Kester Rose 
256a Chester Road, Castle Bromwich 
Birmingham B36 OJE 
Tel: 0121 748 6102 
Mob: 07899 046283 
G A Splash Of Ink 

Aaargh Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Andrew Badham & Simon Sloan 
59 Saint Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2JQ 
Tel: 01432 352228 

Ace Of Arts Tattoo 

Tattoos by Lesley 

22 Lower Hall Lane, Walsall WS1 1RL 

Tel: 01922 623975 

Adorn Body Art Gallery 

Tattoos & Piercing by Anna Garvey 
Tattoos by Andy 'Invictus' Wharton 
4 Grope Lane, Shrewsbury SY1 1XS 

Tel: 01743 343330 

Altered Art Tattoo 

Tattoos by Leigh 

617 Walsall Road, Great Barr 

Birmingham B42 1EH 

Tel: 0121 358 1665 
Art Of Ink 

Tattoos by Martin & Mark 
Lansdown Street, Leamington Spa 
Warwickshire CV32 4SY 

Tel: 07973 336491 
Open 6 days a week 

Basement Body Art 

Tattoos by Ken 

46 Rother Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon 
Warwickshire CV37 6LT 

Tel: 01789 294244 

Black Art Tattoo 

Tattoos by Rommel & Scott 
171 High Street, Quarry Bank 
West Midlands DY5 2AB 

Tel: 01384 567996 

Blue Lotus Custom Tattoo & Piercing 

Tattooing by Christian, Douggie & Loz Phillips 

The Hopmarket, Worcestor 

West Midlands WR1 1DL 

Tel: 01905 731 884 

E Christian Banks 

Bodylines Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Est. 1997 

3 Dudley Street, The Horsefair 
Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY10 2EH 

Tel: 01562 632 001 

Castle Ink 

86 Weoly Castle Road, Weoly Castle 
Birmingham B29 5PT 

Tel: 0121 475 3573 

The Ink Shack 

14a Station Road, Solihiull 
West Midlands B91 3SB 
Tel: 0121 705 0499 

Cookie's Tattoos 

Tattoos by Cookie (Stuart) & Sarah Street 

Piercing by Cookie 

101 Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2HU 

Tel: 01905 359395 

Dado's Place 

Tattoos by Dado & Paul 
16 Station Road, Erdington 
Birmingham B23 6UB 

Tel: 0121 350 0157 


Tattoos & Piercing by Ronnie B 

1 Bloomfield Street West, Halesowen 

West Midlands B63 3RD 

Tel: 0121 585 7690 

Dragonfly Tattoo Studio 

184 The Chesils 

Cheylesmore, Coventry CV3 5BH 
Tel: 02476 505800 

Skinnys Ink Tattoo Studio 

1276 Pershore Road, Stirchly 
Birmingham B30 3 HA 

Tel: 0121 459 4848 

Falling Leaves Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Ben Rollz & Kurt Marlow 

12a Birmingham Road, Great Barr 

Birmingham B43 6NR 

Mob: 07804 083 560 


Fox Tattooing 

Tattoos by Foxy 

123 Eign Street, Hereford HR4 OA] 

Tel: 01432 268488 

Frankinkstein Tattoo Studio 

312 Tile Cross Road, Stechford 
Birmingham B33 OND 

Tel: 0121 243 9200 

Inkspiration Tattoo Studio 

26a Market Street, Bromsgrove 
Worcestershire B61 8DA 
Tel: 07903 224456 

Directory -I / B * 

Hearts and Anchors Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Martin Jackson 
Dermal and body piercing available 
Birches Bridge, Wolverhampton Road 
Codsall, Staffordshire WV81PE 
Tel: 01902 847960 
E Hearts & Anchors Tattoo's 

Hoodoo Inc-Custom Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Mark Poole 

11 West Parade, Mount Pleasant 

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST4 4JN 

Tel: 01782 745805 
Mob: 07545 775336 

Ink The Skin 

1114 Warwick Road, Acocks Green 
Birmingham B27 6QT 
Tel: 0121 707 2477 

Skin Canvas Tattoo Studio 

325 Foxhollies Road, Acocks Green 
Birmingham 827 7PS 

Tel: 0121 258 7425 

Inkredible Skin 

20 Sheaf Lane, Sheldon 
Birmingham B26 3HA 

Tel: 0121 742 0600 

& v . A ' , v-*\- 

Flaming Star Tattoo Studio 

225 Church Road, Yardley 
Birmingham B25 8UR 
Tel: 0121 765 0008 

Inkspot Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Paul & Mr Dodger 
10 Halesowen Street, Black Heath 
Rowley Regis B65 OHG 

Tel: 0121 559 0276 
E Paul Inkspot 

Inky Needles 

632 Bristol Road South, Northfield 
Birmingham B31 2JR 

Tel: 0121 475 6066 

Hourglass Tattoo Studio 

53 Pershore Road, Cotteridge 
Birmingham B30 3EG 

Tel: 0121 458 5994 


Tattoos by Hayley and Jay 

76a Great Bridge, Tipton, Sandwell DY4 7EW 

Tel: 0121 520 6979 
Open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm 

Jake Tattooing & Body Piercing 

147 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham 
West Midlands B5 6RG 

Tel: 0121 622 5882 
Mob: 07956 476 320 
E Tattooing by Jake 

Krisp Ink 

Tattoos by Kris Poole 
The Coach House, Unit 2 
Lower Horsley Fields 
Wolverhampton WV1 3DZ 

Tel: 07817 911734 
E Kris Poole 

Logan's Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by John Logan, John Jr, Keith & Tasha 

Piercing by John Logan Jr 

Laser Removal Available 

136 Hawthorn Road, Kingstanding 

Birmingham B44 8PX 

Tel: 0121 350 9020 
E Logans Tattoo Studio... 

Lost Medusa 

Tattoos by Darren Wright 
270 Whitehall Road, Tipton 
West Midlands DY4 7EX 
Tel: 01214 485159 
E Darren Wright 

Lucky 7s 

Tattoos by Matt & Luke 

Tenby House, 29 High Street, Droitwich 

Worcestershire WR9 8EJ 

Tel: 01905 774740 
E Lucky 7s Tattoo 

Millsborough House Tattoo 

Tattoos by Russ & Matt 
Ipsley Street, Millsborough House 
Redditch B98 7AL 
Tel: 01527 64420 
E Skill In Skin 


All Female Studio 

Tattoos by Netty B, Ink Pixie, Inky Dink, 
Steph & Ellie 

Piercing by Laura, Lisa & Jen 
11 Lower Gungate, Tamworth 
Staffordshire B79 7BA 
Tel: 01827 68353 
E Nala Tattoo-piercing 

New Romantic Ink Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by April & Si 

39 Berry Street, Wolverhampton 

West Midlands WV11HA 

Tel: 07535 079081 (general enquries 

& bookings) 

Mob: 07956 079025 (manager) 

E Simon Del-Manso 

E Wolves Nri 

Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Dawnii, Goldilox 
& Jonathan Peeler 
Studio 1, 1 Station Road 
Northfield, Birmingham 
West Midlands B31 3TE 

Tel: 0121 608 6086 
Mob: 07947 977899 
E Painted Lady Tattoo 

Poppa Sams Tattoo & Fine Art Studio 

Tattoos by Wade Stephens BA (hons) 
41 Field Road, Walsall 
West Midlands WS3 3JD 

Tel: 07919 520233 
Propertattooz Ltd 

Tattoos by Damion, Ade, John Smith & Mark 
83 High Street, Stoke-On-Trent 
Staffordshire ST6 5TA 

Tel: 01782 825720 
E Proper tattooz 

Shady's Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Shady, Gaz, Kev&Jnr 
Piercing by Sarah 

2 Albion Street, Rugeley WS15 2BY 

Tel: 01889 579600 



— WW 

Signature Studios 

Tattoos by Keith & Andy 
Micro Dermals Piercings & Laser 
Removal available 
61 Tamworth Street, Lichfield 
Staffordshire WS13 6JW 

Tel: 01543 258500 


1 High Street, Chasetown 
Cannock, Staffordshire WS7 3XE 

Tel: 01543 685288 

Tattoos & Piercing by Amy & Grace 

21 Upper Brook Street, Rugeleys 
Staffordshire WS15 2DP 
Tel: 01889 584005 
Tattoos & Piercing by Chris 


Tattoos by Lisa, JD & Shane 
Piercing by Shane & Stacy (Dermal 
Implants available) 
Laser Removal by Shane & Stacy 
52 Birmingham Street, Oldbury 
West Midlands B69 4DZ 

Tel: 0121 552 2411 
Mob: 07772 203759 
E tataholics oldbury 

Tattoos By Lewis 

John Lewis 

10 Ditherington Road, Shrewsbury 
Shropshire SY1 4AS 

Tel: 07891 098205 
Tattoos by To mo 

Tattooing & Piercing by Tomo, Dave & Rob 
Laser Removal avai able 
107 Three Shires Oak Road 
Smethwick B67 5BT 

Tel: 0121 429 1566 
Tattoos by Tony 

1159a Bristol Road South, Northfield 
Birmingham B31 2SL 
Tel: 0121 477 5995 

The Ink Spot 

Tattoos by Simon Cooke 
57a Church Street, Silverdale 
Staffordshire ST5 6JQ 
Tel: 01782 619144 
100% Custom Tattoos only 

The Maxx Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Award winning artist Dean & Daz 
Piercing by Max 

36 Worcester Road, Bromsgrove 
Worcestershire B61 7AE 

Tel: 01527 873163 

Tribal Images Tattoo 

2-4 Marsh Street South, Hanley 
Stoke-on-Trent ST1 1JA 

Tel: 01782 268691 

Bridge Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme 

Tel: 01782 616247 

53 New Street, Burton on Trent 

Tel: 01283 566004 

Tribalism Tattoos 

Tattoos by Pete Edwards 
2 Peak View, Malvern 
Worcestershire WR141LU 
Tel: 07813 574535 

True Love Tattoos 

Tattoos by Mandie, Beki, Chris & Sami 
Florida House, 13 Comberton Hill 
Kidderminster DY101QG 

Tel: 01562 862 222 
E True Love-Tattoos 

Vegas Ink 

Tattoos by Matt 'Boba' Sharp 
41 Liverpool Road, Kidsgrove 
Staffordshire ST71EA 
Tel: 01782 499484 
E Vegas Ink Kidsgrove 


Voodoo Ray 

Tattoos by Ray & Kasi 

57 Upper St. Johns Street, Lichfield 

Staffordshire WS14 9DT 

Tel: 01543 416 112 

East Midlands 

Absolute Art 

Tattoos & Piercing by Neill 
225-227 Saffron Lane 
Leicester LE2 6UD 

Tel: 0116 283 2170 
E Absolute Art Tattoo's 

Bodification Tattoo & Body Piercing 

Tattoos by Terry Lee, Nicola & Richard Mace 
Body Piercing by Pamela Lee 
21 Marefair, Northampton NN1 1SR 
Tel: 01604 620303 

Celtic Art Tattoo Studio Ltd 

Tattoos by Gary Dawes, Mark Newton & 
Sarah 'SAJ' Johnson 

Piercing & Laser Removal by Rita Skeldon 
& June 'Spoonie' Barnes 
23 Cavendish Street, Chesterfield 
Derbyshire S401UY 

Tel: 01246 235176 

Czas Tattoo 

Tattoos by Niewczas & Grabo 

272 Humberstone Road, Leicester LE5 OEG 

Tel: 07858 123503 
E CZAS-Tattoo 

From the Heart Body Art 

Tattoos by jon Nurse & Davy B 
Piercing by Ian Townsend 
66a Baxter Gate 
Loughborough LE11 1TH 

Tel: 01509 260124 
E From The Heart Body Art 
Open 5 days Tue-Sat 11am-5pm 
Walk-ins & Appointments 

Inka Tattoos 

Tattoos by Lee Etherington 
46 Curzon Street, Derby DE1 1LL 
Tel: 01332 200211 

Into Skin 

Tattooing by John Crowe 
56 Main Street, Kimberley 
Nottingham NG16 2LY 

Tel: 0115 938 3577 
Mob: 07805 432161 

jumbo's Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Jumbo 

117 King Street, lOOyrds from Tesco 
Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7DE 
Tel: 01773 521119 
Mob: 07765 265661 
Gift vouchers available online 


www. skinshots . co . uk 


Kirituhi Tattoo fj 
Tattoos by Tony Unwin & Neil Archer^*' 
Body Piercing & Laser Reduction available 
375 Nottingham Road, Ilkeston 
Derbyshire DE7 5BB 

Tel: 0115 9324602 
E Kirituhi Tattoo & Kirituhi Studio Piercing 

Midday Sun 

Tattoos by Jay 
Piercing by Tash 

2 Dale Road, Matlock 
Derbyshire DE4 3LT 

Tel: 01629 583 339 
E Midday sun tattoo studio 

Monki Do Tattoo Studio 

Tattooing by Andy Bowler, Mark Gibson, 
Steve Jarvis & Tanya Buxton 
57 Chapel Street, Belper 
Derbyshire DE56 1AR 

Tel: 01773 821666 
G Monki Do Tattoo Studio 

S25 Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Mark Fretwell & Martin Pass 
Piercing by Emma 

3 Ryton Street, Worksop 
Nottinghamshire S80 2AY 

Tel: 01909 808486 

Skins & Needles 

Tattoos by Bev, Crofty, Pooley & Rico 
32 Blaby Road, South Wigston 
Leicester, Leicestershire LE18 4SB 

Tel: 0116 278 3700 

Something Wicked? 

109 Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5HS 

Tel: 01522 534413 


Tattoos by Colin Kelley, Adam & Emma 

Piercing by Colin 

Laser Removal available 

114 Bath Street, Ilkeston 

Derby DE7 8FE 

Tel: 0115 944 0681 

E Spe Ibound Ilkeston 

Spire Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by John Knowles, Sean Karlston 
Piercing by John 

10 Corporation Street, Chesterfield 
Derbyshire S41 7TP 

Tel: 01246 202522 

Suns & Roses Tattoos 

Tattoos by Nigel Barden C# 

108, St James Road 

Northampton NN5 5LF 

Tel: 01604 949958 
Mob: 07531 490917 
Tattoo Inc 

Tattoos by Glenn McCabe & Niel Allen 
Piercing by Hayley Allen 
Laser Removal available 
24 Silver Street, Kettering 
Northants NN16 0BN 

Tel: 01536 514004 

Tattoo Phil 

Tattoos by Damian Thomas, Phil Thomas, 
Malcolm Buswell, Gareth Marks, Mitchell 
Tighe & James Walker 
50b Bridge Street 
Northampton NN1 1PA 

Tel: 01604 602277 

142 Wellingborough Road 
Northampton NN1 4DT 
Tel: 01604 630720 

Tattoo Sensations 

Tattoos by Kev West 
Piercing by Identity Piercing 
493 Nottingham Road, Chaddesden 
Derbyshire DE21 6NA 

Tel: 01332 280616 

Longest Established Studio in the Derby area 

All styles of Tattoo available @ £50 per hour 

The Monster Shop 

Tattoos by Tara, Ryan & Paul 
45 Leeming Street, Mansfield 
Nottinghamshire NG181NB 
Tel: 01623 627 215 
E Monster Shop 

South West 

14 Tattooing 

Tattoos by Chalky & Lucy 
3a Marlborough Road, llfracombe 
Devon EX34 8JJ 

Tel: 01271 879452 
Mob: 07748 848158 
Also find us on Facebook 

Aquaries Tattoo 

Tattoos by Chris Bagnall, Trish Bagna 
& Chopstick Martin 
Piercing available 
5-7 Bellevue, Bude 
Cornwall EX23 8JL 

Tel: 01288 353529 

Black Inc Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Miss Jo Black & 
Christopher Coleman 
Laser Removal available 
22 King Street, Frome 
Somerset BA11 1BH 

Tel: 01373 464699 
E Blacklnc Tattoo 

Carvilles Tattooists 

Tattoos by Jodie & Nik 
Body Piercing & Laser Removal availa 
11 East Field Road, Burnham 
Slough SL1 7EH 

Tel: 01628 661881 
Mob: 07788 926764 
Carvilles Tattooist 

Crazy Hog's Presents...South Coast Ink 

Tattoos by Rich & Nats 
Piercing by Nats 
Laser Removal by Natalie 
94 High Street, Eastleigh 
Hampshire S050 5LR 
Tel: 0238 061 0410 
South Coast Ink 

Or Feelgoods Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by HB, Doc 

Piercing by Spiral Body Piercing 

6 Grand Parade, High Street 

Poole, Dorset BH15 1AD 

Tel: 01202 674838 

t\ /% i\ Directory 

— W_ 

Dreamland Tattoo Studio 

Tattooing by Bryn & Rhys 
36a St Austell Street, Truro 
Cornwall TRI 1SE 
Tel: 01872 321032 
n Dreamland Tattoo-Bryn Jones 
(Rhys Jones) 

Exclusive Tattoos 

Tattoo by Sean Evett, Kye Stacey 
& Martin Robson 
169b High Street, Street 
Somerset BA16 0ND 

Tel: 01458 440301 
Exclusive Tattoos 

Forever and Ever 

Tattoos by Danjolene, Jules 

Piercing by Harry 

55-57 Poole Hill, Bournemouth 

Dorset BH2 5PW 

Tel: 01202 316900 
G Forever and ever Tattoo 

Ink-Line Nation 

Tattoos by Alan 

Body Piercing Available 

9 Belgrave Prom, Wilder Road 

llfracombe EX34 9AS 

Tel: 01271 867877 


Custom & Traditional Tattooing 
Body Piercing & Tattoo Removal 
4 Coldharbour, Sherborne 

Dorset DT9 4AH 
Tel: 01935 813130 
Also find us on Facebook 

L & B Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Les & Warren Piercing by Barbie 
14 The Avenue, High Street 
Bridgewater, Somerset TA6 3BW 
Tel: 01 278 445748 

Mike's Tat2 Studio Ltd 

Tattoos by Mike 
36 Eastover, Bridgewater 
Somerset TA6 5AR 
Tel: 01 278 439569 
E Mikes tat2 studio ltd 
Body Piercing & Laser Removal available 
Hydroponics store now open 

Pierced Up Body Piercing and Tattoos 

Tattooing by Jon & Chris 
Piercing & Body Mods by Ben 
Jewellery by Maryanne 
3 Perry Road, Park Row 
Central Bristol BS1 5BQ 

Tel: 0117 930 0611 
E Pierce Dup 
Open Tues-Sat 11am-6pm 

Punctured Skin 

Tattooing by Chris Davies & Julie 
3a Stony Street, Frome 
Somerset BA11 1BU 
Tel: 01373 463538 
Punctured Skin 

Purple Rose Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Kat & Morag 

Piercing by Boo 

56 Staple Hill Road, Fishponds 

Bristol BS16 5BS 

Tel: 0117 330 0123 

Q s Tattoos 

Fineline and Custom work 
Get a friendly welcome 
6 Nelson Street, Stroud 
Gloucestershire GL5 2HL 

Tel: 01453 756820 
Open Tues-Sat 10am til 5pm 

Rock & Roller Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Dan Grimes & Matthew James 
24a Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LJ 

Tel: 0117 329 1513 
Specialising in custom design, realism & portrait. 
Open 6 days (Wed & Thurs till late) 
Appointment only 

Savage Rose - Formerly Frayneeze Tattoos 

Tattooing by Holly Lewis, James Freestone 
& Ryan Oosley 
10a Albion Street, Exmouth 
Devon EX8 1JL 
Tel: 01395 267677 

Sharp Practice Tattoo Studio 

Tattoo by Tom, Mai, Redbeard, Archiebald, 
Jake & Matt 

2-8 Catherine Street, Salisbury 
Wiltshire SP1 2DA 

Tel: 01722 410148 
Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair 
Removal available 

Shoreline Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Beth Scott & Mike Webster 
Piercing by Sam 
Laser Removal available 
7 Chapel Street, St Ives 
Cornwall TR26 2LR 
Tel: 01736 799972 

Skin Art Tattoos (Rob's Tattoos) 

Tattoos by Rob Knight & Mark Clark 
31a High Street, Taunton 
Somerset TA1 3PN 

Tel: 01823 351919 

Southmead Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Max Pniewski & Bobby Leach 
231 Southmead Road 
Southmead, Bristol BS10 5DX 

Tel: 01179 507030 
E Southmead TattooStudio 

Spike At The Art 

Tattoos by Mike & Lil Lu 
Piercing and dermals by Julia 
Tattoo Removal by Katie 
Alma House, Station Road, Plympton 
Plymouth, Devon PL7 2AU 
Tel: 01752 340070 
Spike At The Art 

Taboo Tattoo 

Tattoos by Garreth & Rod 
Piercing by Garreth 
Laser Removal available 
Unit 3 - Page House, Paignton 
Devon TQ4 6AA 
Tel: 01803 524990 
Multi award winning Tattoos. 
All styles covered, unique Custom work 


Tattoos by Phil Young 
16 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury 
Bristol BS37 6DB 
Tel: 01454 320532 

The Tattoo Studio 

With Dr Bob's Piercing 
232 Cheltenham Road 
Bristol BS6 5QU 
Tel: 0117 907 7407 

Directory t\ /\ O » wO 

The Trinket Box 

Tattoos by Daniel lllingworth 
Piercing by Mike & Jane 
Laser Removal by Mike & Jane 
37c The Arcade, Swindon 
Wiltshire SN1 ILL 

Tel: 01793 687 132 

The Trinket Box 

Tattoo by Marty 
Piercing by Ben & Jane 
25 West Gate Street, Gloucester GL47 2NW 

Tel: 01452 524620 

Timeless Ink 

Tattoos by Sam Boyce & Kev Dunne 
116 Fisherton Street, Salisbury SP2 7QT 
Tel: 01722 334605 

Tony Inkflicted Tattoos at Aceshigh 

Tattoos by Tony Covey 
Aspley House, High Street 
Royal Wootton Bassett 
Swindon, Wiltshire SN4 7AQ 

Tel: 01793 854924 
Mob: 07564 939465 

Channel Island 

White Inc Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Paul & Coops 
3 Tower Hill, St Peter Port 
Guernsey GY1 1DF 
Tel: 01481 730443 

South West 

13 Diamonds 

Tattoos by Melissa Szeto, Magda Zon 
24 Rubert Street, London W1D6BQ 

Tel: 02074 370032 
G 13 Diamonds Tattoo Shop 

Acreedo Tattoo 

Tattoos by Colin Morton, Shar Sloper 
&Adam effs 
Piercing by Shar & Colin 
5 High Street, Abingdon 
Oxford 0X14 5BB 
Tel: 01235 550333 

Altered Image 

Tattoos by Tony & joe 
Piercing by Tony 
668a Hanworth Road 
Hounslow London TW4 5NP 

Tel: 0208 894 9571 

Artmaster Tattooing 

Tattoos by Phil Bissett 
473 Romford Road, Forest Gate 
London E7 8AD 
Tel: 0208 475 0880 

Asgard Piercing & Tattooing 

Tattoos by Jarek Slezak (Sick D) & Gareth Lord 
Piercing by Warwick, Kat, Ceri, Ajay @ Mellisa 

5 High Street, Near the Bargate Monument 
Southampton S014 2DH 

Tel: 02380 231140 
G Asgard Southampton 

67 Parchment Street, Winchester 

Tel: 01962 870660 

Bad Girl Ink 

Tattooing, Piercing & Permanent Make Up 

Laser Removal available 

Katie Lowdon-Cripps, Dale Frame 

6 Emma Jacobs 

55 Leys Avenue, Letchworth 
Hertfordshire SG6 3EF 

Tel: 01462 685757 
bad girl ink 

Bespoke Tattoo Company 

Tattoos by Jon Nott, AimEe Lou, Alex Simpson 
127-129 Manor Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9NR 

Tel: 01483 533339 

Black Pearl Tattoo 

Tattoos by, Jay Williams, Yas & Matt D 
Piercing by Lucy 

34 St Leonards Road, Bexhill On Sea TN40 1HT 

Tel: 01424 210020 

Blaze Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Mick & Zac 

53 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BE 

Tel: 01227 452255 

Bloodline Ink 

Tattoos by Holly, Mia & Matty 
Piercing by Azz&John 
329 Conniburrow Boulevard 
Milton Keynes MK14 7AF 

Tel: 01908 232 434 

Also find us on G Bloodline Ink 


Obsessionz Tattoo Art 

1 Victoria Road, Stratford 
Milton Keynes MK2 2NG 
Tel: 01908 644393 

Braintree Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Sharon & Dean Kendall 
Laser Removal available 
148 Coggeshall Road 
Braintree, Essex CM7 9ER 
Tel: 01376 560633 
Braintree Tattoo Studio 

Braveart Tattoo Studio 

Tattooist & Body Piercer 
Paul Nicholls 

121 Belgrave Avenue, Gidea Park 
Romford, Essex RM2 6PS 

Tel: 01708 736664 

Broken Heart 

Tattoos by Jason Ling & Fran Bradshaw 
Piercing by Jason Ling 
2a Chapel Street, Petersfield 
Hampshire GU32 3DP 
Tel: 01730 233475 
Broken Heart Tattoo Studio (Hampshire) 

Buddie's Premier Tattooing 

Tattoos by Mark & Wayne 
Over 30 year's experience 
Piercing by Carly 
20 High Street, Clacton-On-Sea 
Essex C0151NR 
Tel: 01255 433755 
Buddies Premier Tattooing 
All custom work catered for 

Cherrys Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Bees Cherry, Gemma & 
Piercing by Neil 
Lazer Removal by Kiri 
152 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch 
Essex RM11 1QH 
Tel: 01708 250100 
Tel: 01708 473666 


#W\y| Directory 


Chuck's Custom Tattoos 

Electnk Ink 

Haunted Tattoos 

~ * ■ a | mw j j * i jm- 1 

Tattoos by Female Artist Chuck 

a a a a ^ gW4 

Tattoos by Lee J & Gemma Bunny 

11 1 1 j i ~ * 

Tattoos by Allan Graves, Andrew, Tracy D, 

Piercing available 

Piercing by Lee J 

T" it f 1 1 1 

Tor Abyss & Javi Moreno 

22 Gorsebrook Road, Dagenham 

Laser Removal by Lee J & Gemma Bunny 

159 Holloway Roadm, London N7 8LX 

Essex RM9 6UR 

12 London Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2AF 

Tel: 0207 609 6276 

T" 1 A ^ A A < A A ^ ™i 

Tel: 0208 984 0013 

Tel: 01483 531294 

1 x — J _ ii _ _ _ i - \ L _ i- _ " 1 _ 

l j j i l - ■ affaai BVaV. slat b*bl ^■"■b -ah ~ ■. H A A b*bl flV\AM # aw > aa V ■■■ I bb l _ — l V V ■_ aV. l .m- aW - i - bl ■■. 

j ■. ^Bl A BL _B ~ i L B^h ~ i ■ ~ i ■ BH ■ B^ H B^ B^Bi H KM BVB 1 ■ 

Bi 4 b mtm mmm UHM m\m. M _h ^Bi 1! _L ^Bl ^Bl mWtM ^B f fe— ■ -Hi h 4 — ^fea B_ _Ba Bi S flfej — l ■. 


■fea 1 B a mm mm. mm. mm. mWm mmt 1! H _h mm m m — ■ flfej ■ _V ^ka A flfej B _B ~ i ■ 

H V. -bBi saB. V aiki a* - i a 9- 1 a*M. V bbb 4 B B"aB aVa^. a" - ■ -~ bl bL a - bl affa_ a* - i aVM. alka Blah B^h 

Bookings by appointment 

m\ m m\ _ B mWm mm m. m mm mWm AWm. mm. mm. mm mm\ _ f lb -h. b_ L 1 Mm mWm mmmu flfej ^Hh. 

Custom work accepted 

Eternal Art 

Over 26 years experience 

Tattoos by PriZeMaN, Joe Carpenter & Aynjjal 

Hell to Pay 

East London s most beautiful Tattooed Lady 

Piercing by Aynjjal 

Tattoos by Pedro Santos Tattooer, Kris 

42-43 Viaduct Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1TS 

Wisneiwski & Lee Jones 

Clacton Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 

Tel: 01245 355166 

Piercing by Reka Vincze & Maya Thomas 

Tattooing and Piercing by Barry or Phil 

First Floor 

i~ 1 a a 1 *. * -J m * | 1 * 

Clacton Pier, 1 North Sea, Pier Gap 

188 Camden High Street J* j 

/■ 1 lkllll_0 A A mW 

Camden Town, London NW1 8QP *r 

Clacton-On-Sea, Essex C015 1QX 

Myspace & D Eternal Art 

Tel: 07775 506518 

Evolution Tattoo ** 

T_l A ™T ™ (A™ F AAI™»4An 

Tel: 07707 085195 

Tel: 07971 167925 

a -i Bb. a f a H Bi 1 f a_ bbl bBi al aHL - 1 mm BL ■_ aBi aai aVki ^ _l ■ 

Tattoos by Paul Humphries ^ 

Classic Ink 

12 Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxford 0X5 2BT 

n Hell to Pay Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

t 1 ' r ' 1 r - I lit ll 

Traditional & custom tattoos John 

Tel: 01865 375085 

a— —l 11 II T r> 

E Hell To Pay 

170 High Street 

1 ^ . i. . ii 1 

Heme Bay, Kent CT6 5AJ 

H fcr 1 ^ ■ A — l Ii v 4 B^B ■ BB B^h. _Bi ^Bb ^Bi ^Bl 

E evolution tattoo 

Holy Cow 

Tel: 01227 367035 

Tattoos by Yan Spencer & Alexis Camburn 

Fantasy Tattooing 

Piercing by Sam 

Til 1 4*1 

Tattoos by Aiden 

al *a - _ «Bk 

4 Stable Lane, East Bourne 

Colchester Body Arts 

Nunhead, London SE15 2DX 

^ i P».'. .it ni i*iai i n r 

East Sussex BN21 4RG 

Til 1 a - A 

Tattoos by Stewe 

Tel: 0207 639 4080 

T 1 r\ 4 ^ "\ J ^ J Pal A 

Tel: 01323 431519 

n* * 'III 

Piercing available 

/ i iii i 

II All 

2nd Floor, 123 High Street 

Colchester, Essex C01 1SZ 

rl ! i r! La 

Flamin' Eight 

1 Hate Tattoos 

Tel: 01206 768228 

^ a —» a a 1 J | i- 1 a* 

Custom Tattoos by Naresh, Ely, Harry, 

Tattoos by Steve Herring, Karena Lima 

I A 1 1 1 1 1 t 1 

Julia, James & Kirsty 

61a Camden Road, London NW1 9EU 

i i * i j _ i 

2 Castle Road, Kentish Town 

Tel: 07956 967537 

1. | ii 1 1 J /\AA 

London NW1 8PP 

i 1* ^ L 1 

Dark Rose 

"T I ATA" 1 "\ ~ f 1 A A A 

Tel: 0207 267 7888 

Tattoos by Paul 

ft * i ■ i 

n «*a f- 1*1 ■ 

Over 35 years combined experience 

Piercing by Emma 

D Flamin Eight Tattoo 

& a vast reference library 

j i, P ■ 1 1 1 n 1 

1 Ye Corner, Aldenham Road 

90% Custom work, including cover ups. 

r i a a mM lit f~\ _ f\ 1 l~\ r 

Bushey, Hertfordshire WD19 4BS 

1 ' a * ~ P i a 

Flaming Art Tattoo 

Open 7 days a week, 10am til 10pm 

T-_ 1 AH AT* ^ 4 A AAA 

Tel: 01923 248 090 

Tattoos by Ray, Martin, Glen, Alex & John 

III s-vlt *1 1 

Piercing by Dan & Tasha 

■ i _ ■ ■ ■ 

Inkers Tattoo 

m mm r\ 1 j > 

E Dark Rose 

5 High Street, Crayford 

a. L 1 1 

Tattoos by Jules 

if ■ ■ * 1 1 1 1 1 

Kent DA1 4HH 

/ ^ I a 1 * a* . a ^— 1 . 

8 Windsor Street, Chertsey 

Diablo Tattoo 

Tel: 01322 559 992 

Surrey KT16 8AS 

m F 1 1 n ii ■ ^ ii ii 

Tattoos by Ray Hunt & Matt 

aa 1 /-L j — . ~ r —* mm mm mm. mm 

Tel: 01932 565525 

f-\ i / i ^ _ _ * • _ 

Check tor regular Guest Artists 

G.B Tattoo 

'l la* mm mW a*"** 1 _ * m\ m. 

richards61 1 

116 High Street, Rochester ME1 1JT 

Tattoos by Brad, Jimmy & Tel 

Tel: 01634 846633 

Piercing by Vicki & Doon 

215-217 Bexley Road 


Northumberland Heath, Kent DA8 3EU 

Tattoos by Tony Trussler & Hazy 

E Ray Hunt 

T_. 1 A-iTT\ T>A"\^A 

Tel: 01322 330330 

aa ~ 1 ■ bi ak bl l bb mWk M tm mm mm bl bbl V V x BBi l mm . a - 1 al «a 4 4 a a a H BBi V. V l 

Piercing & Laser Removal available 

Specialising in Freehand, Custom & Oriental 

78 Graham Avenue, Portslade 

Open 5 days Tues-Sat 11am-6pm 

i i 1 1 i 

{- * i j iii ■ ft ■ j j iiii 

Brighton and Hove BN41 2WL 

Appointment only 

mm 1 ^\ j ^a. - > ^a. ^fc jl j — • j a 

Tel: 01273 241714 

Galleon Tattoo Studio 

r\ ' ll 1 — ■ i i ^ 

Diamond Jacks Tattoo Co 

Tattoos by Rob, Shane & Andy 

Darryl Gates 

— j * i 1 a ■ ill 

21 Normandy Street, Alton 

_g— | la ■ " mm m mmm m m 

G Inkfectious Custom-Tattoos 

5 Walkers Court, Soho 

Hampshire GU34 1DD 

London W1F OBT 

Tel: 01420 84351 

Tel: 0207 437 0605 

Mob: 07522 727445 


www. skinshots 


tnKiisn MUdios 

Krazie Needles 

Mettle Nettie 

lattoos Dy brenaan muqq, ben urinuns, 

X^TTAAIAA All fl 1 A A 1 1 trf C i *\ f DfAA"\A 

lattooing Dy uanny a Macy brogan, 

i l A A r All M ATT1 A \I A l F t\\ 1 

lattoos Dy Nettie a Keisey 

lamina laney a lom Kosewen 

Matt ua lati 

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iA murcn btreet, Maidstone 

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4d Mation Koao, London nwiu w 

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lei: UzUo oio 0384 

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lei: Uu4b 6UU1 jj 

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Myspace @ Krazieneeoiestatto 

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u fvieiiie Nettie bouy Piercing a latioomg biuaio 

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lattoos Dy benjamin numpnrey 

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u KrazieDee 

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Mirk^al Dnco l/icnal Art 

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lattoos oy tmma a sara 

J A 1 A A IJ^AAAlilAll ll Af*l/A^ 1 AAA 

i4 me Broadway, uarKes Lane 

inKi ringers 

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piercing oy Lisa 

potters bar, Herts tNo zhw 

Lustom lauoo uesigns 

Laser tattoo Kemovai Dy oecKy 

Tnl A17A7 £C3f\CC 

lei: Ul/U/ ooiUbb 

Body Piercing avaiiaDie 

5y rawcett Koad, Portsmoutn 


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rcdUlclb nUUbc, red ll Icl a IdlU 

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ndllipbllllc rU4 UDi 


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Icl: \jLj7L hIIvjo 

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IdUOUb, LUblOIII rlllc Mil, Label IdUUU 

lei: Ulzbo 4oUo44 

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Kemovai,piefcing, notning a lots more 

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Laser lattoo Kemovai 

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Mr BUDDdS lattoo MUOIO 

u into ringers 

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lattooing Dy oUDDa 

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td Hardy Accessories a lattoo 

lattoos Dy Kerry Jones 

oz uomweii Koad, Winchester 

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apparel avaiiaDie 

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ms m. Lnaos Koao, uiDury, tssex kmis onl 

Uimnrhifn CA77 ^AC 

riampsnire buzz 4At 

TaI A117C QdC3A3 

lei: U13/D o4bjUJ 

Tel: 01962 840181 


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Mil UUUUdldUUU3(uMIVc.lU.UK 

TAttAA^ 1 ill f C*A^AA O f 1 A a r 1 1 [ 7 

lanoos oy baran a Mariuz 

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> i ii inn AA f K 1 IFIAATATTA^' A f*A III/ uk 

111 Af Tl A A All f 1 Al 1 

piercing Dy nay 

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piercing avaiiaoie 

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l yUfcfcllb KUdU, DliyillUII DINI 3WM 

ridlClbblblll IdllOO JlUOlO 

Tnl A1777 77AA1A 

lei: uiz/i /jvuiv 

Living colour tattoo studio 

T^HAAf ki t 1 r\ r\ n r !a O C 1 ill/A * 

lattoos Dy jon b, came d a Luke ^ 

WUIK(QjlllllO IdllOO.lO.UK 

IdllUUMiy dl IU rlfcMUIiy Uy Udly Wcdlc 

1A Rallinnnam I ano Da\/loinn Fccov 

iu Dciiiiiyiidiii Ldiie, Kdyieiyn, tbbex 

a Bryan Lowry 

Tnl A17£0 77700/I 

lei: Ulzoo //zoo4 

1 A t f At "^tt A A Cr A I A m A /If 1 1 1 A J A 

u inirotauooapiercingsiuoio 

DlAmAA All /l^fll 

piercing oy oary 

Open 10:30am-6pm Mon-Sat 

Unit Mirl/nt Ctrnnt Rrirl/nnll 

unit y iviarKet btreet, BracKnen 

1 w \ ifu i AAT/*I/*^I^ AA TAttAAI*TII/1IA /"A III/ 

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WdlK III LUIIbUlidllUllb dvdlldUlc dl 

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DtrlKillllc KU \L IJu 

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luiouam eacn aay 

lei: U U44 oooo4o 

onniiiriQcftliinnnrrilfAiirKfarl/no l mm 

rieeuiewoiK lauoo 

jason uavis lauoo ituoios 

lAiiiiiif 1 mi a a r a 1 a m rn n r 1/ n a 1 1 r n rc\ 


TAttAAT Kl/ Da/T Ua AW r\AlfAlf CaU/aII fr I AA 

lattoos Dy Bees Money, uavey bewen a Lee 

lanoos Dy jason uavis a jay AtKins 

f|r\AA TllA^C it 1 A AAA- C A AA 

upen lue-^at luam-bpm 

A A A AI A t AA AATf f^Aill 

Appointments uniy 

jjoba btames Koaa west 

■ I AAA t 1 inH^W A J A A^\ A A AA 

upen bunoay izpm-4pm 

I5y uuiidiord Koao 

Ashford Common, Middlesex TW15 1RP 

Ligntwater, burrey uuio bKj 

Tnl- 017Qi1 QQCCCQ 
161: U 1 /B4 iS0J33J 

I I1MA A 1 AA 1 A A TaH A A Ctfl/IIA 

Living image lauoo muqio 

Tol- A1 77^ rf?CCCil 
Icl: U I Z/0 4/3334 

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lauoos oy koo iutnenanG, jacou a inns 

MOD: U//y3 bU4b33 

i4oa iraraiger Koao 

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1 "11/ A a Da A 

jayne uoe 

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UlccllWKII, LUIIUUi I JtlU y\L 

lAHiflAf AAA/llAlA^Arl/tAtAA /"A AA 

www.neeuiewui Kidiuo.cuiu 

Tattnnc Tin\/ Mice Rorra fr CimAn Prl 
IdllUUb Uy lllly Mlib DcLtd u JllllUII til 

Tol. A7AB 7Q^ 1Q1/1 
Icl. UZUo i7J 17 \H 

H Moon o\Afnf / T'-ittAnc 

■i iNeeuiewuiK iduuub 

1 ^ A A r\t AIIT Al 1 f Llf rtnAfll/ A1AA TAf mL 1 1 A C T 

LnecK out our raceDooK page r or uuest 

lllllAAl AA AAA it 1 n 1 1 AWA A n Af ^A III/ 


Artist listings 

i i <n n 1 1 tattaaI ll ii n ai aa a a a ^ a aa 

New image lauoo a Piercing muoio 

6U btation Lane, Horncnufcn 

lattoos Dy Paul, James, Andrew a bnaun 

Pccov DM17 AMR 

1 AA/lAfl Tuff AA 


rieiLiiiy uy jdiiieb 

Icl: U I /Uo 'l/yjDO 

IdllUUS Uy MllUy DdXlcl a UdVIU Ddllldy 

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Ldiiiunuyebiiiie, rtij idu 


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lei: U IV4b 30333 I 

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Trtl. A7A7 Q77 COCK 
Id: UZU/ 0S5 3770 

AAnk. A707A 777/CC7 

MOD: U/7jU 11/qdI 

lAMlHll AAUll AA AAATATTAAfrllAlA /* A 111/ 

1/ i A r 1 AHA 1 A 1/ 

Kids Love mK 

1 A f A /n\ AAAAA.HHaA r A AA 

W% Maui I aa a a a Ta ft a at (llni All/irnArn 

u Newimage lattoostuoiowisDecn 

lallOO Dy MdlCUi lytUCKSlcl , Aly, Dell 

lillinir 1 A A A A A -t Att A A /" A AA 


NUIIIIIIK a Lllolllc jlldZcl 

iiuu idiloo a rieicing JlUUlU 

n i a r r i a a hi f It A a a r\ a IA/i-wttaa O Tnhu 1 ^ *yi Af 

riercmg oy rnoeoe wnitton a looyjames 

& A A A \ i 1 A 1 F T*\f t A A Cr Hi A//IAH ^ A A f A 

Meaway lattoo a Piercing lenue 


lattoos oy nuiz a btrangy 

lie uepnoro nign street, ueptiora 

TaII a Af Kii \ / a r a Air a / Da ai\ CaK atIaia 

lattoos Dy veronica \Koni), beoastain 

n 1 A Tl - ! A A All Iai*I/IA 

piercing Dy jacKie 

I nnrlnn CCfi 3DA 

Lonaon bto jk^ 

Cr 1/ 1 AA / AAAfAAtlf A\ fl| Afr | A A Kii C AAA 

a Kim ^apprentice) Piercing oy ^am 

77 fhiirrh Cirnat \A/ara 
Ll IIIUICII Mlccl, Wdlc 

Tol. A7A8 AQ1 11T/1 
Icl: UZUQ 07 1 1 IZ^I 

1 ACAT rAAAAl/Al KlJ ( AflT 

Ldbcl leillUVdl Uy Lllllb 

neillOIUblllie juIZ 7tn 

mArAnrit\/rnrlf'Prc;n)v/ahAA rn iilf 

^Q7 Hinh ^tfppt Pnrhp<;tpr l^pnt MF1 1 HI 
J7£ niyii jueei, kuliicdici, i\ciu ivici iuj 

TpI- niQ70 df\Q7?1 

Icl. U I 7ZU 407/ Z I 

Tel: 01634 828866 

G kidsloveinklondon 

AA/* Directory 

— ww 

Pain Divine 

Tattoos by Vaz, Jason & Kim 

99 Church Street, Croydon CRO 1RN 

Tel: 0208 686 6136 

Paradise Tattoos 

Tattoos by Simon Smith 
59 Castle Street, High Wycombe 
Buckinghamshire HP13 6RN 

Tel: 01494 527292 
Mob: 07976 817674 

Wycombe Ink 

Tattoos by Joe Worrall & Casi Williams 
61 Castle Street, High Wycombe 
Bucckinghamshire HP13 6RN 

Phoenix Rising 

Tattoos by Tim Fowler 
Piercing by Jenny Colinswood 
112 Broad Street, Chesham 
Buckinghamshire HP5 3ED 
Tel: 01494 792392 
Specialising in freehand custom work 
Open 6 days 

Appointments not always necessary 

Piercing Tattoos 

Tattoos by Dave How 

28 Church Street, West Green 

Crawley RH11 7BG 

Tel: 01293 618811 

E Dave How 

Walk-ins available during the day. 
Appointments only in the evening. 

Prick Tattoos 

Tattoos by Henry Hate 

386 Old Street, London EC1V9LT 

Tel: 0207 729 9545 

Pride Tattoo and Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Tracy & Ben 

Piercing by Tracy 

463 Roman Road, London E3 5LX 

Tel: 0208 981 5503 

Primitive Origins 

Tattoos by Dan Selton, Wayne Grace 
& Anu Laluna 

2 Studland Street, Hammersmith 
London W6 OJS 

Tel: 0208 746 3133 

E Primitive Origins 

Tattooing and Piercing in a friendly, 

welcoming atmosphere 


Tattoos by Nick Docksey & Josh Docksey 
58 High Street, Shanklin 
Isle of Wight P037 6JN 

Tel: 01983 867709 

Ravenskin Selsey Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Jake 

142 High Street, Selsey, West Sussex 

Tel: 01243 602505 

E Ravenskin Selsey Tattoo Studio 


Ravenskin Newport Tattoo Studio 

2 Lower St James Street 
Newport, Isle of Wight 

Tel: 07944 231921 

Red's Tattoo Parlour 

Tattoos by Sonya 'Red's' Trusty 

123a High Street, Colchester, Essex C01 1SZ 

Tel: 01206 766606 
E Red's Tattoo Parlour Colchester High Street 
We do custom tattoos in an environmentally 
health registered super friendly studio. We 
also offer permanent make-up and laser 
tattoo removal at competitive prices. Open 
Tuesday through to Sunday with a late night 
opening on Thursday. 

Ritual Art Tattoo 

Custom tattooing by Jim Gambell, Lizi 
Sage,Chase, David Corden, Ed & Luna 
131-133 High Street, Rainham 
Kent ME8 8BD 
Tel: 01643 267777 

Riverside Tattoos 

Tattoos by Les, Justin & Julie 
Laser removal by Chris 
17 High Street, Gravesend 
Kent DA110BA 
Tel: 01474 329000 
Custom & Cover-up work available 

Sacred Art Tattoo 

148 Albion Road, Stoke Newington 
London N16 9PA 
Tel: 0207 254 2223 
Sacred Art Tattoos 

Sacred Ink 

Tattoos by Martin Morrissey 

153a Dulwich Road 

Heme Hill, London SE24 ONG 

Tel: 0207 7331220 
E Sacred-Ink Tattoo-Studio 

Seven Sins Tattoo 

Tattoos by Chic Child, Ben Pearson, 
Chris Mortimer & Iva La Alien 
Piercing by EmV & Levi Thomson 
10 High Street, Horley, Surrey RH6 7AY 
Tel: 01293 775385 
Twitter @ chic7sinner 

Shamanic Bodyart 

Tattoos by Frank Moore, lain Parry, Steve 

Roberts & Craig Wood 

Piercing by Serah 

Laser Tattoo Removal available 

7 West Road, Westcliffe On Sea 

Essex SSO 3AU 

Tel: 01702 300067 
Shamanics Westcliff 

Sharpside Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Paul Fuller & Ben Hamblin 
16 Place Lane, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1 LA 
Tel: 01323 895700 

Silver Needles 2 

Tattoos by Sam Bowyer, Tom Ptolomey & 
Zoe Clark Tattoos & Piercing by Jo O'Neale 
106 Southchurch Road 
Southend on Sea SS1 2LX 

Tel: 01702 603946 
Silver Needles 

Sims Tattoos 

Tattoos by Brad Sims & Dor Stocker 
Piercing by Marie (formally of Bodyworks) 
69 Windmill Road, Croydon, Surrey CRO 2XR 

Tel: 0208 6846967 
E Sims Tattoos and Piercing By Marie 



bKinoecision lattoo co 

T*^Ha a 1 n r 

lattoo inc 

Th a I/\iif/vl in triA 1 aIiit 

me jewel in me loius 

T r w FA F\ r\ If 1 F\ f~\ Iff FX f" r "\ X F ' 1 I CA 1 FVA \ ■ n 1 1 1 f\ ft 

lattoo Dy Lee bigsDy a jimmy Mudd 

lattoos Dy tiive a Alex 

1 ~\ tt f\ fx F F\ If A *"V F\ FX ~\ 1 1 1 1 r\ 1 f 

lattoos Dy Amanda RuDy 

llnit "J A "1 r D Lin n D n rl 

unit 3, 4ib DdrKing Road 

Hi ATfiA a nil 1 *\ A r\ 

riercing oy jade 

I J \ f Annninr m nnf M n Ii i 

by Appointment uniy 

bast Ham, London bo zjx 

Laser Removal 

ffftrltA A C L CO Tkrt (\\A C f rn nfr 

studio 4, 56-58 me Old street 

Tnl mno m AC A 

Tel: 0208 552 2454 

2a Snort wyre Street, Colchester, Essex coi UN 

Folkestone, Kent CT20 1RN 

i ntn f?*\c l/inr*irt^ifiAn rrt ill*' 


Tol. A1">n< 

lei: U Izuo /o/b/b 

\zr, UIOUj Ob4Uo4 

Adn(4 07017 177TCT 

Mod: U/V I / 1 3/2b2 

u iiive lauoinc Harvey 

/i 1 1 1 T^rt f n^ "** f\ A /n \ uif ai n n^ n /■ I ^ #" n n^ 


r* aaI nAinf 

Steel Point 

Tattoos Dy Gayle, Mark, Lauren, Nadz and 

Tattoo Medway Ltd 

Myspace: amanda2tattoo 

m I n ^ t T rrifrf 

guest artists 

lattoos Dy Alex silver a Lucian 

u Amanoa KuDy lattooist 

III Fx f f~ i f > r if n fl ^ f" 1 ■ 

Piercing by Mark 

Laser removal Dy Chris 

A F^'l ^\ FA 1 1 l l t t 4 ^ 44 ^i ^ 4 ^ 4 F\ Fk F 1 ^\ 1 l 1 rA F\ t F\ 

Amanda Ruby tattooist specializing in 

4o lamwofin Koao, uoyoon lku iau 

7>l Uinh CtrnM /^illinnKim l/ant HAC7 1 AV 

/4 nign btreet, uimngnam, Kent Mt/ i ay 

f^ i if t a t~n hi ^ /* 1/ \t r At/ /n ^TTArnw^Afl/ 

custom oiacK a gfey/patternworK 

Tnl ATAQ £OA TA13 

lei: U/Uo ool) ZVl j 

lei: Uloj4 b//yoo 

h in m i j r f n n 1 n n ir>TT "\ ir A AT /■ n ill/ 

T n n M i a i r f rw at 1 n 1/ 

me Ministry ot ink 

Custom a Cover-up work available 

T^ttAAiA a kn fl nn C rtlinfT 

Tattooing by binn a blliott 

fx r\ n n t fi \ tr ^ 1 1 1 n nl/ 

open / oays a week 

[AAn^hfAr try i tif ta fy~\ i u a r 1/ 

bpeciaiises in custom work 


Tattoo Tec 

la Avenue Road, Heme Bay 

lattoos a Hiercmg Dy Keitn 

[/ f\r\k CTL OTA 

Kent Clo 8TA 

C f n t l/nr T*it t n r\ 

itOlKGl lattoo 

CO Uinh Ctrnnt Dnnnn Innrlnn CCTH 7UU/ 

by nign street, renge, Lonaon btzu /hw 

TaI. 01 777 1 a?-\ n 
1.61: Ul/2/ /4jl33 

lattoos Dy Mirek stotker 

lei: U2U8 //6 oi9U 


n Barnsoury Road, Islington 

1 1 II 1 II 1 1 4 FA F% FVA 1 FA ■ J"- V I" i ■ W 4 1 f - 1 If j - — i W V 

Angel, London Nl UHu 

i i ji i ii i i 4" ^ r 4" /~\ f\ f ^\ ^ ill - 

TaI. A7A7 770 

lei: U2U/ l/o llbo 

me reari 

TaUaa III/ 

Tattoo UK 

1 ^ ft Fa Fa f K i t h fl ^ f } i f. f \ \ / \ 1 F\ fa a ~\ f ~ r n ■ ~ % 1 i r\ fa i i j ^ l / i 

lattoos by Martin ux a lomasz Maimowski 

■n Ctntl/nf Tittnn 

ii btotKer lattoo 

lauoos Dy Aian, luesoay a ben 

[1 1 r\ r/"i n /i kw 1 iil/rv 

riercing oy LUKe 

233 imperial Drive 

13/a High Street, Sheerness 

T->f~> II 

Kayners Lane, narrow 

Irln nf Cnnnnriw l/r»nt AAC1 - ) 

isie or bneppey, Kent Mbiz iuu 

Tattoos Dy Klunky 

u ; j ,|i ,> nu hat *7i ir 

Middlesex HA2 /HE 

Tnl ni7nr roo^on 

Tel: 01/95 563689 

riercing oy Man 

lei: UzUo isoo Uiioo 

■\l*^^T/r^ f*\^rl i fx inrvt m ^ i ■ r f\ id/ 

Laser Removal Available 

i i ii i ii i i 4 ^\ * 4 r ^i <■* f ^ 

10-11 Union Street, Reading 

Alan, Klarysa a David 

oefKsnire Ku i itu 



lei: Ullo Vbo booo 

T- Af nn III/ 

Tattoo UK 

PP /"ni4«l/\ii Hr\-\*4 llwkrii^/in A AiA A 1 /%v/ MHO TAT 

55 Cowley Road, uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2At 

Tiger Lily oxtord 

T/\l Aionr oiTii"i 

lei: Ulo95 ol2H2 

Tnrv nii-^litw TATTAAIkli*" ^ n /I Rim/MM/" i n 

lop quality lAiiooiNb and PibRCiNCi in 

E Tat2-u Tattoo Studio 

r FA FA 4 F "\ 1 l \ t 1 4 rl 

central Oxtord 


1rt rl n nr D 7 Mmi* Inn U^ll Cfrnnf 

1st bioor, 5-/ New inn Hail street 

Tattoo crew 

TdttOO UK 

Avfnrd AV1 7AU 

uxtord UXl 2DH 

lattoos oy simone, jonn, jen a Lucne 

Aim Tnrrw & AA^H 

Aian, lerry a Matt 

TaI. ft1Q£C 7HA 7d7 

lei: U186b 2UU 24/ 

riercings uy lerri a bimone 

d/ YorK Mreei, iwicKennam iwi jLr 


by bUfDiion Koaa, Kingston upon .names 

iei: uzUo 1 J4// 

lifiifin Ti/i/\f*lilifn\/T^nr/4 c c\ ill/ 

Surrey ki i znu 

ii iigeniiy riefcmgiaitooing uxiora 

lei: OzUoz 66//5/ 


Oxford's longest running city centre studio. 

Tattoos Dy Stuart Walker 

Bespoke custom treehand. Our design. 

G Tattoo crew London 

3 westDrook center, Grassmere way 

Youf design. Pop in tor a chat. 

UHtnrlnnwilln DH7 OCC 

watenoovine hu/ obb 

lattoo rA 

161: U23V2 Zojolo 

Tilkiini a a Cr Anif Hi nA^ C ti i ai a 

iiiDury lattoo a body Piercing btuoio 

lattoos Dy Neil bass a tmot josei uuy 


lattoos Dy lony b 

141 Lower Lnurcn Road, burgess mil 

On/Hi! iJinmnn nil Tfif K In mi IJ 

body Piercing oy insn o lony b 

\A/nrt CurfAu DU1C OAA 

West bUSSeX Knlb yAA 

■ 1 1*^44 a fy InrArnAf^iAn 

Ki lattoo incorporateo 

7>11 ~)A1 r\r\r\/ Qr\-iA TilKnrw 

z4i 24j dock Koao, iiiDury 

lei: U1444 z4JjjU 

Ccmv DM1 7DI 

bSSeX RM18 /bj 

lattooing at uunpoint 


lei: Ul j/b obU bo8 

Tattoos by wurz, Dani a Scrow 

4 FX FA 1 t l«* L 4 I 1 r% 1 1 F I 1 4 4/4 f% f* f f\ FVA 

aiso cneck out Mammas Mosaics-jackie 

fli Afr tA a nil lA/iirT 

piercing oy wurz 

1 1 n i n 1 1 tilkiini t tt n n r n m 

Bass makes the stunning bespoke mosaic 

3 Victoria Terrace, Hove 

Also find us on Facebook 

designs wnicn are inspired Dy tne art irom 

basi Sussex bNj zwd 

tne tatioo worio. 

lei: Ulz/j zUozzo 


Neiriattooix-bass on raceoook 

n i i n a a i nrf ^it a a i'h 1 n / a /■ n ill/ 


Tlt*AAf Kn Cl^A CV 

lattoos oy bade b\ 

TAil Ui nn Ctrnnt 1 AiiiAr 

zuo nign street, Lewes 

IFj TiiTnninrt At f i inf\AiAr LI own i T 1/ 

u lattooing At uunpoint, Hove, uk 

Cirt Cnrf au DM7 7MC 

bast Sussex bN/ 2Nb 

Lrif^iOfilif" r\r/\T/\^i"if - ii , ^"\l #~ n n 11 /*n 

rfienoiy protessionai service. 

TaI. A1 773 /17777Q 

lei: U12/j 4//2/V 

i iifTTnfvi "\fTuifif u C- ^mm** 1 1 nr ~i n A^ri ica 

custom artwork a cover ups a pleasure 

& a speciality. 

Laser Removal also Available 

/W\Q Directory 

— \/ O 

Touch of Ink Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by Steve Hunter & Dickie Cushion 
194 Kingston Road, Northend 
Portsmouth, Hampshire P01 7LP 
Tel: 07901 692011 
E Touch of Ink Tattoo Studio 
Open 6 days Appointment only 

True Will Tattoos 

Tattoos by Dee, Sophie & Rosie 

Piercing by Dee 

Spook Hill, North Holmwood 

Dorking, Surrey RH5 4HH 

Tel: 07896 298833 


E True Will Tattoos 

Open 6 days 

Appointments & walk-ins 
Specialising in custom work 

Whitehorse Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos & Piercing by Evelyn Whitebear 
48b High Street, Hungerford 
Berkshire RG17 ONE 

Tel: 01488 683226 
Mob: 07729 503008 
White Horse Tattoo Studio 

East Anglia 

Wicked Meduza Tattoo 

Tattoos by Pal Matrai & Krisztian Posafalvi 
116 St Marks Road, Bush Hill Park 
Enfield EN1 1BB 

Tel: 02083 503497 

Woody's Tattooing, Body Piercing 
& Laser Removal 

Tattooing by Sean, Jammes, Jay, Lee, 
Hannah & Kneill 

Piercing by Alison Laser removal by Sharron 
28 High Street, High Wycombe 
Buckinghamshire HP11 2AG 

Tel: 01494 464023 
Woody's Tattoo Studio 



Tattoos by Rakhee Shah 
Piercing by Mariam 
737 High Road, North Finchley 
London, Middlesex N12 OBP 
Tel: 0208 445 0022 
Twitter @ tattoo munk 

Art Attack Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by John Capon, Nick Capon, 
Vince & James 
Body Piercing 

84a Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 

Tel: 01493 843909 

E John Capon's Art Attack 

CC's Rebellion 

Tattoos by Craig Bell 
Piercing by Deby Lee 
36 Lime Tree Avenue 
Norfolk NR18 0HH 
Tel: 01953 423337 

Custom Ink Tattooing 

Tattoos by Dee & Scott 
Piercing by Mark 
110 Cherry Hinton Road 
Cambridge CB1 7AJ 

Tel: 01223 414122 

E Custom Ink Tattooing and Piercing 

Eastern Ink Tattooist 

Tattoos by John Russel & Pedro Mendonca 

Piercing Available 

Unit 7 The Cresset, Bretton Centre 

Peterborough PE3 8DX 

Tel: 01733 334332 

Mob: 07815 566283 
Eastern Ink 


Tattoos by Hewy, Mike Boyd, Gemma Gold, 

Heather Ross & Hollie 

Piercing and body mods Oily 

2 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich NR2 1EL 

Tel: 01603 886143 

E Indigo Piercing and Tattoo 

Regular Guest Artists 

Keith Lindoff Professional Tattooing 

Tattoo by Keith Lindoff 
Piercing available 
Unit 1, 17-18 Broad Row 
Norfolk, Great Yarmouth NR301HT 

Tel: 01493 856151 
Keith-Lindoff Professional-Tattoo's 

Rude Boy Studios 

Male & Female Tattooists 
Male & Female Body Piercers Laser 
Removal available 
15 Orford Place, Norwich 
Norfolk NR1 3RU 
Tel: 01603 664644 
Open 7 days a week 

Skin Graphics Tattoo 

Tattoos by Steve, Craig & Jason Smith 

Piercing by Donna Smith 

Laser removal Available 

6 Suffolk Road, Lowestoft 

Suffolk NR321DZ 

Tel: 01502 560 115 

E Skin Graphics Tattoo, Piercing and 

Laser Removal Studio 

Styx Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

Tattoos by Gary, Steve & Mik 
Piercing by Sam & Lil 
23-25 St Augustines Street 
Norwich, Norfolk NR3 3 BY 

Tel: 01603 667511 

Tattooing By Fabio 

Tattoos by Fabio, Alex, Vic & Johnny 

Piercing by Louise & Dan 

96a Mill Road, Cambridge 

Cambridgeshire CB1 2BD 

Tel: 01223 354299 

Also sell tattoo related merchandise 

Top 2 Toe Tattoo Studio 

Tattoos by David Jones 

9 Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth 

Norfolk NR31 OHU 

Tel: 01493 651020 
Microdermal implants & genital piercing a 
available Custom Work, cover ups, 1000's 
of designs to choose from 

Two19 Tattoos 

Tattoos by Steve Tucker, Aaron Clapham, 
Sarah Reed & Laura Alps 
Apprentice - Sean Foy 
13 Forehill, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4AA 

Tel: 01353 666775 
Two1 9 Tattoos 

Directory t\ f\ Q 

Cactus Tattoo 

Megan Hoogland 
307 North Riverfront Drive 
Mankato, MN 56001 
Minnesota USA 

Tel: 001 507 387 6601 

Last Rites Tattoo 

Paul Booth 

215 East 4th Street, 

New York USA 

Tel: 001 1212-529-0666 
Fax: 001 1212-529-0214 

Tattoos by Rick 

Rick Harnowski 

834 South Military Lane 

Green Bay 



Wl 54304 

Tel: 001 920-499-7425 

Immaculate Concept 

1314 17th Avenue. SW 
Calgary AB 

Tel: 001 403-228-6767 


29 Rue Thiers 

Tel: 0033 490270512 

Seven Star Tattoo 

Chris Pack 
Hattinger Str. 160 
44795 Bochum 

Tel: (0234) 57 989 77 

Boris Tattoo 

3 Eotvos Str. 
8900 Zalaegerszeg 

Tel: 0036-92-347-889 

Milosch Tattoo 

Kollarova 1 
405 02 Decin 7 
Czech Republic 

Tel: 00420 602470266 


Village Ink Tattoo 

Tattoos by Kevin French 
3a Meadow Business Park 
Reach Road 


Tel: 01638 744251 
Open 10am-6pm Tues-Sat 

Piercing & Body 
Mod S j> ecialis t s 

Access All Areas Body Piercing 
& Tattoo Studio 

Piercing and Body Mods by John, 

Paddy and Mandy 

Tattoos by Martin 

17a Market Street 

Off City Square 



N61 6HY 

Tel: 0115 941 9992 


Tattooing by 'The Bearded Lady' 
Piercing & Modifications by Quentin 
3 Crescent Road 
West Sussex 

BN11 1RL 

Tel: 01903 520012 

Pierce Artist - Professional Body 
Piercing Training 

Studio and Body Piercing Training Centre 

198-200 Chapel Street 



M3 6BY 

Tel: 0161 839 7722 
Mob: 07979545640 
Find us on Twitter @ Pierce 
Artist & Also on E Pierce Artist 

Punctured Body Piercing and Modification 

Training Academy & Inky G's Tattoos 
Mac (Dr. Evil) Master Piercer & Body 
Mod Specialist 
Tattoos by Giles Twigg 
Featuring regular Guest Artists 
17a Victoria Street 
WV1 3NP 

Tel: 07768 062253 
n Mac Doctor-Evil McCarthy 
E Inky G's Tattoos & Punctured Body 
Specialising in Custom Tattoo Work, 
Walk-In Appointments, Professional training 
courses available from basic Body Piercing 
to advanced Body Modification. Please 
contact for all Halloween Tattoo Bash 
enquiries ' 

Tattoo Supplies 

Barber DTS 

Churchill Way, Chapeltown 
Sheffield S35 2PY 

Tel: 0114 257 6022 

Visit our website for the most extensive 

range of tattoo & piercing equipment in 

the uk 

New Image Tattoo Supplies 

Unit 1 The Network Centre 
Concorde Way 

Millennium Business Park, Mansfield 
Nottingham NG19 7JZ 
Tel: 01623 641028 

Wildcat Ink 

Body Jewellery, Piercing & Tattooing 

Members of 
1 Jervis Street, Dublin 1, Eire 

Tel: 00353 1874 7573 , 
Twitter @wildcatink 
D Wildcat Ink 

Global Studios 

Bob Tyrrell Studios 

23884 Schoenherr Road 
Warren, Michigan 

Ml 48089 USA 

Tel: 001 586-774-4978 

Fax: 001 586-774-4988 

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www. skinshots 


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